Tuesday, September 11, 2018

ROADHOUSES / Self-titled

Three piece lo-fi trio, Roadhouses from Sydney, Australia released their self-titled album this year and I'm surprised it slipped right by me. The dreamy and hazy "codeine tempo anti-romance songs" as described by the band, holds a candle to lo-fi whimsical acts like Mazzy Star, Elysian Fields and Cigarettes after sex. Roadhouses doesn't lean on the genre like a crutch but rather reawakens that sultry groove in their own image. Yvonne Moxham's vocals are both sensual and soothing and transport you to a seedy motel room and find you there with a glass of gin in hand. 

Roadhouses commissioned their cover artwork from the incredibly talented Nedda Afsari (aka MutedFawn) and it is the perfect visual homage to the band's sound. And you take a second look you'll spy that the femme fatale on the cover is in fact musician Foie Gras

photo by Tom Wilkinson

Producer: Nicolas Vernhes at Rare Book Room 
Guitar, Vocals: Yvonne Moxham 
Drums, Percussion: Cecil Condon 
Synths: Nicolas Vernhes 
Album Image: Nedda Afsari (@mutedfawn) 
Album Design: James Bellesini (@squirrelmenace)