Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jason Schwartzman introducing the New Yorker iPad App

Jason Schwartzman presents the New Yorker app, designed specifically for the iPad.

Who's that girl? - Alesandra Nicole

Photos of New Yorker Alesandra Nicole have been circling in heavy rotation across the Internet mostly due to some hot pictures by Are Bernard. So who is this girl?

23 year old Alesandra is in love with life and sure isn't afraid to live it. Originally studying childhood education, a neck tattooed later, Alesandra opted for a different career direction shall we say. Day Job? Let's just say Alesandra's job is a little more suited to night time.

Alesandra's passion and number one hobby is music.  She's been singing for as long as she can remember and can't imagine life without it.  

"I'm always the girl in the kitchen singing ballads at house parties. I'd love to be the first tiny tattooed white girl signed to young money... what? can i dream?!"

"Any females you look up to? My mom, she's so giving & talented & hilarious. I love any woman with a big in-your-face attitude. I don't obsess over celebrity, but like any 22-23 yr old girly girl, I'm goo goo for GaGa!"

Like most girls Alesandra loves hanging with the girls and having marathons of cheesy reality TV shows and enjoying the NYC nightlife. And if you are really lucky you may spot her on a faraway beach adventure sometime.

The one line Alesandra lives by - STAY POSI!

Alesandra is in every sense, a free bird. Beautiful, positive, vibrant and strong.

You can find Alesandra on myspace

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Dark Night of the Soul by Michael Mouris

"The Dark Night of the Soul," the six-minute animated short created by Mouris, illustrates — literally — the singer's evolution from kooky poster child of grunge to classy Birkin bag carrier. In just half a year and on a budget of five thousand dollars, Mouris' animated portrayal of Love is spot on, down to the visuals and the madcap personality. Vocals from her latest album, "Nobody's Daughter," echo in the background and all locations are accurate, but the spoof wouldn't be complete without "cameos" from Lagerfeld and Andre Leon Talley. "I don't know if Karl has seen this," Love said, "But it's about him in so many ways." 

Watch the film HERE


Karla Fox's collection 'CUTTHROAT' is dangerously cute. Featuring guns, bikes, prison cuffs and daggers this collection is tough but also downright girly. Any of these stand out pieces would make a perfect addition to any girl's jewelry fetish but don't be fooled ladies, the prices are equally cutthroat!

Done With Electricty - Book Signing

A special one-afternoon only event to celebrate this great local product
Book signing - Saturday 9 October 2010, 3-5pm
at Outré Gallery Melbourne.

Chad Koeplinger has signed (drawn in some cases) on his introduction page 25 copies of the book Done with Electricity. PLUS the first ten people will also receive an A5 ORIGINAL PAINTING by BUGSY, who made the book along with Adam Lockman both of whom will be here on the day to sign your copy, Jessica Swaffer who was responsible for the front and back covers will also be here.

Done With Electricity brings together a hand-picked showcase of 64 of Australia and NZ's favourite tattoo artists in one great hardcover book.  
Copies of the book will be available on the day for AU$90.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Agent Provocateur AW Collection 10'

Agent Provocateur has some amazing new arrivals in their Autumn Winter Collection this year.  Gorgeous, bras, garters, body suits and dresses are all featured in this sultry sexy range. There's no denying AP's star quality and this range does not disappoint. I can hear women all over the world sighing and delicately dropping hints to their partners in hopes of a little pink ribbon box coming their way this Christmas.

Terry Kennedy Autograph Signing

Supra autograph signing with Terry Kennedy this Thurs, 9/30/10, at 4PM @ WSS in Fontana, CA. 

Neil Krug - Pulp Art Book

“Neil Krug’s stylized photos of his girlfriend [now wife], the model Joni Harbeck, were taken with Polaroid film years past its sell-by date. They have the kind of grainy, sun-scorched feel of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. And ever since the couple began posting the photos on Flickr early this year, they’ve drawn a blaze of attention.” - The New York Times.

James Piatt - Extreme Handbags

James Piatt is known for creating very controversial handbags. His bags all contain violent, funny, or disturbing elements to them.  James Piatt has released some more one-of-a-kind bags that will surely grab some attention.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Supreme x Universal Studios “Universal Monster” Collection

The upcoming collaboration between Supreme and Universal Studios will feature The Phantom, The Creature and The Mummy are featured on Supreme hoodies and crewneck sweaters. This line is set to be released end September. So keep your eyes peeled for these, I'm guessing they won't last long.

Australian Summer

 With the end of September fast approaching my anticipation grows with the beginnings of Summer. So it's time I got my staple summer items shopping list underway.

  1. Ray-Ban Retro Frame Sunglasses $110
  2. Vans slip on trainers $49
  3. AE Denim Mini - American Eagle Outfitters $26
  4. Bonds singlets $15.95
  5. Converse Black Leather Slim Ox Trainer $91
  6. Bandanas
  7. hoop earrings
  8. Ziggy Zip Cutoff Short $115
  9. belt buckles

Tara McPherson - The Bunny in the Moon

 Be sure to catch the upcoming Tara McPherson exhibition in New York next month at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. 
Tara McPherson
The Bunny in the Moon

Gallery I
Solo Exhibition

Oct 23 thru Nov 20, 2010

Who's that girl? - Casey Patridge

Audrina & Casey Patridge
 Casey Patridge, better known as the tattooed sibling of The Hill's star Audrina Patridge, is much more than meets the eye. Mother, wife, businesswoman and entrepreneur are also key credits to Casey's character. Casey lives in Orange County with her husband, Freestyle Motocross star, Kyle Loza and their two children. 

 Casey has started her own makeup line named Elizabeth Knight in memoriam of her best friend who was tragically killed 2 years ago in a car accident. With the aim of giving girls quality makeup for affordable prices Casey will also be giving a percentage of everything made by Elizabeth Knight products to charity.

"I think of it as girls using beauty to fight drunk driving. "

Whilst Elizabeth Knight is not yet  available for purchase you can keep up to date on the progress, products and giveaways via Casey's blog

 Not only is Casey a young mother and wife with an upcoming young business in tow but she also has brains, beauty, and a healthy social conscience and there's no doubt this girl has a good head on her shoulders and an even brighter future ahead.

You can follow Casey on twitter HERE.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brian Lichtenberg vs. Kill City

Bloodymoida Tank
Jason Mask Muscle Tank

Hockey Mask Muscle Tank

Freddy Glove Tank

UES Shoes

 In 2005, New York native designers Nick Cohen and Seth Campbell launched Upper Echelon Shoes (UES) Upper Echelon Shoes (UES). With Nick’s family background in the jewelry business and Seth’s family background in the shoe business, the duo has successfully coined the phrase “shoewlery”. UES is a sexy jewelry infused sneaker line. Its signature styles feature chain laces plated in 18 karat gold, silver and gunmetal. This innovative line of footwear has a distinct celebrity following.

 Karmaloop is currently stocking the new range of UES shoes online. These babies range from around $165 - $240.