Sunday, October 31, 2010

New accessories for DimePiece Winter 2010

New detachable collars from DIMEPIECE. Available online mid November.

Bad Dads Opening

The group show "Bad Dads", tribute to the films of Wes Anderson, opens tonight, Saturday, Oct 30th (8-12am) here in SF @LoPo Gallery with Spoke Art. Artists include Ana Bagayan, Munk One, Caia Koopman, Dave MacDowell, Carlos Ramos, Dabs and Myla, Sandi Calistro, Tim Doyle, Kevin Tong, Akira Beard, Greg Gossel, Shannon Bonatakis, Robert Bowen, Dave Correia, Jason Vivona, Zoltron and many, many more. 

Bad Dads, truibute to the films of Wes Anderson
Opening, Sat Oct 30th (8-12am)
@LoPo Gallery
1141 Polk Street (entrance through Space Gallery) 

Claire & Arnaud Origami Jewellery

With the help of some Japanese friends, French design team Claire & Arnaud have created this collection of perfectly folded Origami Jewellery.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Epicly Later'd With Antwuan Dixon pt. 3

Amy Winehouse X Fred Perry

I've been both eagerly and apprehensively awaiting the Amy Winehouse and Fred Perry collaboration and folks it has arrived and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. The collection includes two dresses, a skirt, variations of vintage feeling shirts, polo's, pants, sweaters, jackets and two accessories including a clutch and a belt. It is super girly, subtle and sexy and full of cute pinks and Fred Perry signature flattering cuts. The collection is available online and in the Amy Winehouse Concept Shop in London

TOY ART GALLERY presents Ki-Clear creator TAN-KI

On November 12th, TAG, the world's first and leading toy art gallery, will kick off "When Birds Sing The Song Of The Clouds", a showcase focusing on the fascinating creations of French artist Marion Tanguy, better known as Tan-Ki. For his first solo show in Los Angeles, Tan-Ki is focusing on his signature ‘Ki-Clear’ line: small, solid resin figures filled with anything from multi-colored balls to toy soldiers, that are among the most sought-after pieces in the toy art world.
“Birds” is the sixth exhibit from TAG, the world’s first gallery devoted to fine art toys. Founded and operated by collector and enthusiast Gino Joukar, TAG’s last show was October 2nd’s Jouwe Custom Show, which featured artists like Cameron TiedeJimmy Pickering and David Lanham. September 4th’s Red Carpet Kaiju show saw the premiere of TAG’s signature line TAGTOYS, as well as monster and kaiju works from BlobpusCarlos Enriquez Gonzalez and Emilio Garcia.
“When Birds Sing The Song Of The Clouds”’ opening reception is November 12th 2010 from 7-11 PM, with music, drinks, a food truck, giveaways and more. To learn more about Tan-Ki, visit and
Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward St. #1 (right off Melrose Ave)
Los Angeles, CA 90038
TF: (877) 910-TOYS (8697)
Local: (323) 465-TOYS (8697)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who's that Girl? - Marilyn Rondon

After featuring in Inked Magazine, Venezuelan natural beauty Marilyn Rondon set everyone's minds racing. When Marilyn isn't painting, dancing or rockin' the karaoke mic this 23 year old Brooklyn resident works as a bar tender.

"Although I'm just a bartender, i take the job pretty serious, coming up with new cocktails and infusions, I like pretending that I'm making love potions, I love going into thrift stores and finding vintage jars, glasses, bar spoons and poison bottles, I'm always looking for new creative ways to make traditional drinks into more drinkable 'love potions'."

Modest about her fan base, toting "What fans?" Marilyn admits she received a lot of weird "fan mail" after the Inked shoot and doesn't really consider herself a model. Growing up, Marilyn was always kind of a tomboy whose ( extremely Latin catholic) mom didn't really approve of "dressing girly".  

"I wasn't allowed to shave my legs till i was 15 so i got made fun of a lot and had really bad self esteem, kids can be real jerks!"

Whilst Marilyn, like most girls, enjoys the finer things of life she's responsible with her money remembering life wasn't always so great. She started taking care of myself at a pretty young age after her parents split up. After some springing back and forth between parents and living the hood rat life she decided it was time to do her own thing. Marilyn started living with friends and alone while trying to graduate high school. Marilyn is the definition of resilient, a true little warrior. 

"here i am now, still working my ass off, and actually have less responsibilities than when i was younger, guess the hard work is starting to pay off."

Aside from her obvious strength and beauty there is the ink! Marilyn started getting tattoos because it was "different". After moving to New York she realized that the artists there were actually true artists and started investing a lot into her tattoo work. Eventually she was hired as a counter girl at Dare Devil/ Fun City Tattoo and went crazy with getting tatted.

Looking to the future Marilyn would love to have babies  and own her own home and business. Pretty focused for a 23 year old I'd say. Despite it all Marilyn still remains very level headed and marks the scars of all self-made women.

Marilyn's life advice?
"Being independent and doing your own thing"

You can lurk Marilyn below at:

nOir X Walt Disney Signature

nOir Jewelry and Walt Disney Signature are collaborating on a collection of cocktail rings inspired by the classic film Fantastia. The glamourous jewels come in several styles, each reflecting a different scene from the movie (we've been drooling over the epic gunmetal Pegasus one). The limited-edition pieces will be available for pre-sale on nOir's website starting today for $235-285.

Pharmacy Hollywood Hosting Premiere of Toy Machine’s new video: Brainwash!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Asia Argento - The Hunting Gun

Asia Argento is now actively developing a new film called, "A Hunting Gun" that she's writing with Michele Civetta and Yasushi Inoue. Civetta is of course Argento's husband and is a filmmaker and multi-media artist known for making music videos for bands like Lou Reed, Sparklehorse, Marracash and Yoko Ono. Inoue is a Japanese writer who material spans works of poetry, essays, short fiction, and novels. What's the film about?  Josuke, the owner of the hunting gun pursues a longtime love affair with his wife Esther’s older cousin Sylvia. The story is told from the viewpoints of three women who are closest to Josuke: Sylvia, his beautiful and secretive mistress, Susy, her disillusioned daughter and Josuke’s conflicted wife Esther. The characters’ hearts hold deep secrets and the more each person is true to themselves, the further they retreat into their own worlds. A deeply nuanced and evocative love story with a fatalistic twist.

Two of my most favourite films are Asia's first two films, Scarlet Diva and The Heart is Deceitful above all things. I hope this new feature is as unrelenting as those before it.

Ann He Photography