Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Queen Of Snakes // Jewellery by Lia Vice


The Queen Of Snakes - Jewellery by Lia Vice @vicejewellery 

Elena Nyleeta @elena.nyleeta
Sammy the Coastal Python

Producer - Gabrielle Pearson @majellaproductions
Director - Amber Mealing @tainted_amber
DoP - Amy Dellar @indoorfountains 
1st AC - Liv Bunting @livbunts
2nd AC/Best Boy - Lucy Pijnenburg @lucy.pij 
Camera Assistant - Srini Madhavan @sriinii 
Gaffer - Lewis Robert @lewirob 
1st AD - Tegan Rogers @bartholomeus_spranger 
Editor - Sarah Saw @ssawce
Colour Grade - Robyn Cummins @robynpoppins
Production Designer - Sheree Perkins @shereeperkinss 
MUA - Zian Reyn @zian_reyn 
Hair Stylist - Erin Frances 
Photographer - Jordan Kaye @jordanjkaye 
Snake Handler - Adrian Black from Wildlife Gone Walkabout @wildlifegonewalkabout
Music - Chesta Hedron @chesta_hedron

Makeup - Eye of Horus Cosmetics @eyeofhoruscosmetics
Wardrobe provided by Trash Vintage @trashbyronbay & @ruiz_thelabel 

Special thanks to Leonards House of Love @leonardshouseoflove

Monday, November 26, 2018

HOMOAGENT // We Are Here To Ruin Your Life

IOD036//HOMOAGENT - We Are Here To Ruin Your Life 

The 2nd HOMOAGENT EP “We Are Here To Ruin Your Life” continues the exploration of this city’s various basements. A fictional work of excess, doused in amyl and fuelled by the Trve Basque Speed, greased gloved strangers in decaying mansions meets Hellraiser but in real. Triames & Maiovvi return to Instruments Of Discipline with four new productions of their trademark glassed out, hi-fi night fantasies where sweat and leather meet 18 or more consenting adults.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018


LOVELY NIGHT  is the second single taken from DEADPAN's  debut EP "Fool Moon" to be released on December 7th

The record has been produced by Oliver Volz (Shiny Darkly) and is being released on the Paris/Copenhagen record label Third Coming Records.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


All photos © Nedda Afsari

CUTS // Time Is Not Your Friend

'Time Is Not Your Friend' is the second single taken from CUTS' forthcoming album 'A Gradual Decline'.
Reflecting the current fragility of the planet, the drum sounds on this track were taken from field recordings taken in Iceland:
"I managed to capture the sound of ice cracking from the stress of water and in the distance, ice calving from its glacier. The first half of this track has a darkness to it but then it opens up into something more hopeful. That kind of feels like where we are in terms of climate and its predicted breakdown. It’s not a totally hopeless situation but it looks like it will take everyone pulling in the same direction to halt it. Time is not our friend in that respect." - Anthony Tombling Jr, CUTS

Pre-order the album here:


Monday, November 19, 2018