Wednesday, October 31, 2018

[WATCH] Boy Harsher // Face the Fire

"“Face the Fire”, a song we wrote to help us be sturdy in the worst of storms"

Taken from upcoming album 'Careful' 1st Feb, 2019 on Nude Club records - Order Now:

Starring Sara Cummings and Spencer Davis
Directed by Augustus Muller & Jae Matthews
Camera Operating by Lily Sheng, Jae Matthews, Augustus Muller
Edited by Augustus Muller and Winston Case

Sara Cummings styled by herself, with makeup by Tashi Honnery. Styling help from Angel Emmanuel and Miyako Bellizzi.

Special thanks to NCTV, Tara-Jo Tashna, Red Light District, Winston Case, Kyle Harrington-Woodard and Pro 8mm.


Direction inspired by The Amityville Horror 1979, using butterflies in place of the swarm of flies that plagued the house.
Model: Eva Akhurst
Photos: Steph Cammarano
MUAH: Chloe Rose
Jewellery: Alicia Hannah Naomi
Styling: Assorted pieces from Miu Miu, Ellery, Wolford & Gucci

[LISTEN] LA WITCH // Octubre

L.A. Witch’s eponymous debut album tapped into the allure of warm nights on the West Coast while hinting at the loneliness and lawlessness of living on the periphery of a country founded on a dark past. The three-piece composed of Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, and Ellie English culled sounds from the outlaws of warmer climes, whether it was 13th Floor Elevators’ lysergic rock n’ roll or the cool hand fatalism by The Doors on songs like “The End”. It’s an album transmitting subdued revelry while also smirking at the inevitable consequences of the night. 

There is no better season for these kinds of songs than the autumn, when the promises of summer have abated and the nights of reckoning grow longer. L.A. Witch seized the moment by revisiting some of their early tracks and reshaping them into Octubre, a five-song EP that delves deeper into their darker side. “Because these are old songs—we don't play them live anymore but still wanted them to be heard—this was the perfect opportunity to get experimental with sounds and textures,” Sanchez says of the EP. Despite this new studio adventurism, the songs on Octubre stay true to L.A. Witch’s vintage starkness. 

Releases November 2nd

FLEET ILYA // Autumn Winter 18 Collection