Tuesday, May 21, 2019


“CALIGULA”, the new album from LINGUA IGNOTA set for release on July 19th on CD/2xLP/Digital through Profound Lore Records, takes the vision of Kristin Hayter’s vessel to a new level of grandeur, her purging and vengeful audial vision going beyond anything preceding it and reaching a new unparalleled sonic plane within her oeuvre.

Succeeding her self-released 2017 “All Bitches Die” opus (re-released by Profound Lore Records in 2018), “CALIGULA” sees Hayter design her most ambitious work to date, displaying the full force of her talent as a vocalist, composer, and storyteller. Vast in scope and multivalent in its influences, with delivery nothing short of demonic, “CALIGULA” is an outsider’s opera; magnificent, hideous, and raw. Eschewing and disavowing genre altogether, Hayter builds her own world. Here she fully embodies the moniker Lingua Ignota, from the German mystic Hildegard of Bingen, meaning “unknown language” — this music has no home, any precedent or comparison could only be uneasily given, and there is nothing else like it in our contemporary realm.

LINGUA IGNOTA has always taken a radical, unflinching approach to themes of violence and vengeance, and “CALIGULA” builds on the transformation of the survivor at the core of this narrative. “CALIGULA” embraces the darkness that closes in, sharpens itself with the cruelty it has been subjected to, betrays as it has been betrayed. It is wrath unleashed, scathing, a caustic blood-letting: “Let them hate me so long as they fear me,” Hayter snarls in a voice that ricochets from chilling raw power to agonizing vulnerability. Whilst “CALIGULA” is unapologetically personal and critically self-aware, there are broader themes explored; the decadence, corruption, depravity and senseless violence of emperor Caligula is well documented and yet still permeates today. Brimming with references and sly jabs, Hayter’s sardonic commentary on abuse of power and invalidation is deftly woven.

Working closely with Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Hayter strips away much of the industrial and electronic elements of her previous work, approaching instead the corporeal intensity and intimate menace of her notorious live performances, achieved with unconventional recording techniques and sound sources, as well as a full arsenal of live instrumentation and collaborators including harsh noise master Sam McKinlay (THE RITA), visceral drummer Lee Buford (The Body) and frenetic percussionist Ted Byrnes (Cackle Car, Wood & Metal), with guest vocals from Dylan Walker (Full of Hell), Mike Berdan (Uniform), and Noraa Kaplan (Visibilities). “CALIGULA” is a massive work, a multi-layered epic that gives voice and space to that which has been silenced and cut out. 

Friday, May 3, 2019



Track Listing Below:

1.        Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima - Krzysztof Penderecki
2.        Metamorphosis (Tetsuo OST)  - Chu Ishikawa – MP
3.        Flames - Vast
4.        Serpent Seed – Trepaneringsritualen
5.        To Słowa – Siekiera
6.        Where The Trees Are On Fire - These New Puritans
7.         Intent or Instinct – Pharmakon
8.        Marie - Townes Van Zandt
9.        Blue Eyes and Codeine - Bain Wolfkind
10.  I Wish I Was A Little Girl - Brighter Death Now
11.  Armenia - Einstürzende Neubauten
12.  Nuages gris, S.199 - Franz Liszt
13.  Chancellory - Operant

Sunday, April 28, 2019

[WATCH] VR SEX // "Sacred Limousine"

The second single "Sacred Limousine" from the upcoming VR SEX debut album Human Traffic Jam, out 5.10 on Dais Records.
Order the album at: http://www.daisrecords.com
Order the digital at: http://daisrecords.bandcamp.com

"This video is an observation of two cyber archetypes in the voyeuristic arena of social media: Those that are driven by a subconscious desire to hunt and those that subconsciously desire to be hunted. The “Sacred Limousine” is essentially my metaphor for how social media has given us the tools to simulate a charmed life, a special brand of feigned grandeur, without really showing what truly lies inside. Conversely, it’s also a vehicle that grants us the space to observe anonymously and act with impunity from behind our screens. Both of these roles are demonstrated and symbolized as the pedestalized faceless lady and the Peeping Tom behind the brush. The entire microcosm of this video takes place in a world within a world within a world - a series of facades and spaces beginning and ending with the mansion, another, like the limousine, visible display of luxury.

The recurring character(s)/performer(s) in VR SEX are my own artistic interpretation of this voyeuristic archetype featured in the video aka Noel Skum. The character set in the scene behind the drapes is my interior soliloquy, inviting my own vulnerability and susceptibility to be measured in the piece; both as part of this collective epidemic of internet voyeurism, but also a cautioner to be aware of my engagement with social media and it’s illusory simulacra. Because the tools for silently monitoring strangers are made readily available and sold to us, we all can be very easily become part of this voyeuristic and objectifying culture." -Andrew Clinco

Hopeless Lingerie | FALLEN

Model: Elle Brittain @ Duval Agency

Photos: Steph Cammarano
Makeup: Emma Craddock
Hair: Shannon Bunn

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ALL LOVERS DESERVE TO DIE X ALICE.D MAGAZINE (featuring Kick in the Eye & Alabama Blonde)

Jewellery: Kick in the Eye @kick_in_the_eye
Photography + Editing: Lucas St Grima @lucas.st.grima 
Model: Eva Akhurst @crazydelicious__
Make up: Alissa Tothpal @lisslyssum
Clothing: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde // Captain Compost Heap @captaincompostheap
Styled: Kick in the Eye // Captain Compost Heap 
Video: Kick in the Eye 
Music: V, All Lovers Deserve To Die from the Album So Pure @vlovescats