Saturday, November 5, 2016

Blogger (C)rush | DEVILLETTE


Devilette was a whim and a branch off of an old Tumblr name I used to have called 'She-Demon'. It was a creative outlet for my aesthetic; makeup, outfits, inspirational mind fodder, beautiful images. Your typical Tumblr girl blog. I got sick of myself and closed it down and then a year later created 'Devilette' out of attachment to my old username. Devilette is no one in particular. She is just a vessel.

How would you describe your own personal style?
I love to play a lot on a fine balance of Feminine/Masculine. I love to pairing extremely masculine silhouettes with feminine details. And vice versa. I'm obsessed with male/female power play and my own personal energy exudes a lot of that. So it translates in what I wear. A little bit of power and a little bit of vulnerability. It creates this air of mystery.
What are some of your favourite pieces you cannot live without?
My Lanvin overcoat (I can throw it on over anything and it instantly elevates whatever I'm wearing) & Saint Laurent leather sneakers for days I need to do a lot of power walking. Which is often. 

Where are your favourite places to shop and who are some of your favourite brands that you continue to revisit?
I shop everywhere. It's less about the where and more about what I can find that fits my aesthetic. My best friend owns and curates his own high end designer consignment shop here in Philly called Je Ne Sais Quoi. He gets a lot of my $$. Our taste is very similar and I'm always hanging out there. Brand-wise I love simple and iconic. Prada, Gucci, & Tom Ford are what I've been wearing a lot lately. I will always love Rick Owens, having gone through a Rick phase in previous years. Lately I've also been obsessed with Uniqlo for all my basics.

Who are some of your style icons?
I am infatuated with the 90's super models. Christy, Naomi, Linda, Kate. To me they were the essence of glamour. Just watch the documentary 'Catwalk'. I also admire Daphne Guinness, Michele Lamy, Marina Abromovic & Carmen del Orefice. I have an extreme affinity for older, stylish & elegant women. 

Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from? 

I am receptive to everything. But in particular a lot of my inspiration comes from well-stylized Japanese anime/manga (works by Satoshi Kon, Ai Yazawa & Junji Ito in particular.) I look up to the works of Helmut Newton a great deal. As well as Alfred Hitchcock. I've always wanted to be a Hitchcock woman. Bond women too. Who doesn't love a good Bond girl. I love women who make you guess. Who are approachable yet unapproachable. You're never really sure how they are going to react to you and that mysterious-ness makes you excited. That inspires me the most. Female characters like that.

What are some of the key things to remember when putting together winning 'outfits' or looks? 
Knowing first, yourself and second, your body. Harder than it sounds. And that's why trends are trends. Who really has a grasp on both elements completely? If you know you know, if you don't, you don't. And that's totally ok. Style isn't everything. And those who it is important to will never fail to create a good look. To those it is not, we have H&M, Forever21 & personal stylists. No big deal.

Black, leather, sharp, minimal and bold. Your personal style is edgy whist still being minimal and simple. What is it you love so much about fashion and aesthetics?
It's a fantasy. They are tools to creating whatever the hell you want. Some one I love once said 'we are all Gods because we all have the power to create.' Fashion is a gateway to your wildest inhibitions. It's experimental and ever-changing. I always believed the best works of art are ourselves.

What is the newest piece you have purchased for your wardrobe?

A Gucci long sleeved wrap top with a heinously plunging neckline. 

What is your most hated fashion faux pas?
I try to stay decently open minded even with some of the most repulsive of trends, but I have to admit whoever decided it was cool to give Birkenstocks a platform a few years back when they were all the craze again should have been clubbed. It was probably Jeffrey Campbell.
You’re listening to the soundtrack to your life on record... who is on it? 
Oh god. Who isn't on there is the proper question haha. I'd have a bit of Megadeth & Ozzy Osbourne, (if I ever had a motion picture made about my life I'd want the opening to play Megadeth's 'She Wolf') Linkin Park Hybrid Theory era, Massive Attack because nothing is hotter than fucking to Massive Attack, Led Zeppelin (Kashmir for when I am feeling sexy at home alone), Scum of the Earths 'murder Song' if I every become a homicidal maniac which is quite possible. The Birthday Massacre, Jack off Jill, Dresden Dolls. I'll stop here. I could go on for pages.

Do you have any plans to expand on your instagram and start a blog?
I had a proper blog back in 2014-2015 ( but no real time for content. I love to write and compose entries though, so who knows. Maybe a resurrection is in order.

What are some of your favourite websites and blogs that you frequent?

I'm a bit of a nerd for vocabulary so there's this site I love called Phrontistery and they have every obscure & unusual word you could hope for. I also visit TedTalks in the morning and listen while I get ready. Puts me in a good zone for the day feeling productive before I actually do anything. I don't really read any blogs. There was this one I used be manic about a few years ago that was all entries about how the ego affects our ability to enjoy just being human because of all the expectations we build up for ourselves in order to be 'successful'. It was truly eye opening. But I have since forgotten the web address.