Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Kayla-Jane Danger

Photo by Jammi York

I've always had a little crush on 25 year old Kayla-Jayne. Hailing from Los Angeles this Mediterranean x Eastern European natural beauty is a confident, sexy and business minded woman. Kayla- Jayne runs her own production company KJD Media and a network of her own websites as well as finding time to indulge her modelling career even more.

 When Kayla-Jane isn't putting her plans into fruition to take her production company from indie to corporate. Kayla has her sites set on moving  back to the islands and running a private charter yacht. Kayla, certainly has no shortage of passion and drive.

And in between the many ongoing projects shes juggling she still finds time to indulge in hobbies. Writing, scuba diving, designing and making clothing, painting, drawing, and dancing are just a few of the extra curricular activities gets up to. No doubt this girl is all go go go!

Photo by KESLER
 Kayla-Jayne derives her inspiration from everywhere. Through family, friends and her fans have become a huge source of inspiration and motivation in all that I do. 

Kayla-Jayne enrolled attended Parsons School of Design for Fashion Design, Otis College of Art and Design for Illustration but inevitably decided it wasn't for her and dropped out a began her modelling career.

So what was growing up like for Kayla?

"Lets be real, it was tough. Honestly I have written 2 books and am working on a 3rd and they barely touch on the madness that was me growing up. Imagine the following: Go Ask Alice, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & Do They Serve Beer in Hell all wrapped into one - that is the basic gist of growing up being me. What I can say to younger people reading this - IT GETS BETTER, I PROMISE!"

 When did you become involved in modelling and what do you love about it?

"I started modeling when I was still in primary / elementary school, first for kids clothing companies, then I started getting featured in Seventeen Magazine and other teen rags. I love getting to play dress up, but its more than that, its not only dressing up your outside, but transforming your personality and look to read as whatever the photographer/company/publication wants to sell. I love becoming someone or something different even if its only a moment or a few hours. What I love about it now is different. I still enjoy the transformation, but being that I work for myself quite often and am very picky with other work I take, I end up enjoying my work much more! I love the feeling of accomplishment when my work shows up in magazines, or when I get picture picked for a job, modeling to me is both fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways, whats not to love!"

What would you like to do in the future?
"I can tell you that I will continue to run KJD Media and hopefully turn it into a large scale production company. I would also like to get back to teaching scuba diving in one way or another, I had a blast teaching for years in California and I would like to continue through retirement!"

Photo by Kevin Weaver

 What do you admire in other women?
"I admire women who can hold their own, especially in the business world. Honestly its sad but there are only a handful of women I know that I admire, I am lucky to call them all friends and learn from them daily."

Are you a fashion brands girl or do you just wear what you like or whats comfortable?

"I am all about wearing what I like, don't get me wrong, I definitely have my favorite designers and having a background in design myself, I have an appreciation for the finer things, but I don't limit myself to only shopping at designer boutiques and such"

Who would you say is your style icon?
"This is a tough question, My style is so eclectic I wouldn't say any one person really captures all of it. When I was younger I would have said Betsy Johnson right off the bat, her look and style captured my heart at a young age. I remember seeing this woman who could be my mother's age with bright orange dreadlocks, doing cartwheels down a runway, in the most quirky/chic ensembles and being awestruck. She was a huge inspiration to me as a designer because she designed what was in her heart and what she wanted to wear, she was her brand and it was her grungy and girlie slapped together with style. As I have gotten older however my style is."

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans? 
"Never do anything just for the money, love yourself, and remember its not over til its over! "

Photo by C.Kessler
Kayla's business KJD Media hosts a network of erotic and fetish websites including Kayla-Jane Danger's,, , and coming soon

"I am an enigma. A petite, tattooed, creator, producer, performer and more energy than you can handle all rolled into one. I am the master of my own destiny and I am a born hustler. I live passionately and love everything that I do."

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