Sunday, April 28, 2019

[WATCH] VR SEX // "Sacred Limousine"

The second single "Sacred Limousine" from the upcoming VR SEX debut album Human Traffic Jam, out 5.10 on Dais Records.
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"This video is an observation of two cyber archetypes in the voyeuristic arena of social media: Those that are driven by a subconscious desire to hunt and those that subconsciously desire to be hunted. The “Sacred Limousine” is essentially my metaphor for how social media has given us the tools to simulate a charmed life, a special brand of feigned grandeur, without really showing what truly lies inside. Conversely, it’s also a vehicle that grants us the space to observe anonymously and act with impunity from behind our screens. Both of these roles are demonstrated and symbolized as the pedestalized faceless lady and the Peeping Tom behind the brush. The entire microcosm of this video takes place in a world within a world within a world - a series of facades and spaces beginning and ending with the mansion, another, like the limousine, visible display of luxury.

The recurring character(s)/performer(s) in VR SEX are my own artistic interpretation of this voyeuristic archetype featured in the video aka Noel Skum. The character set in the scene behind the drapes is my interior soliloquy, inviting my own vulnerability and susceptibility to be measured in the piece; both as part of this collective epidemic of internet voyeurism, but also a cautioner to be aware of my engagement with social media and it’s illusory simulacra. Because the tools for silently monitoring strangers are made readily available and sold to us, we all can be very easily become part of this voyeuristic and objectifying culture." -Andrew Clinco

Hopeless Lingerie | FALLEN

Model: Elle Brittain @ Duval Agency

Photos: Steph Cammarano
Makeup: Emma Craddock
Hair: Shannon Bunn

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ALL LOVERS DESERVE TO DIE X ALICE.D MAGAZINE (featuring Kick in the Eye & Alabama Blonde)

Jewellery: Kick in the Eye @kick_in_the_eye
Photography + Editing: Lucas St Grima 
Model: Eva Akhurst @crazydelicious__
Make up: Alissa Tothpal @lisslyssum
Clothing: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde // Captain Compost Heap @captaincompostheap
Styled: Kick in the Eye // Captain Compost Heap 
Video: Kick in the Eye 
Music: V, All Lovers Deserve To Die from the Album So Pure @vlovescats 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Cope-Arnold // ‘Vedas’

All images © Cope-Arnold

[WATCH] Boy Harsher // Come Closer

Taken from the new album 'Careful' out now on Nude Club records :

Directed by: Muted Widows
Director of Photography: Ryan Hogue
Edited by: Michael E Linn
Gaffer: Gordon Yould
Key Grip / B Camera: Michael Dominic
Grip: Leah Yould
Video Processing: Gordon Yould
Hair Stylist: Kyle Mihm
Make Up Artist: Blake Armstrong
Make Up Assistant: Leah Carmichael
Stylist: Hayley Francise
The Original: Iphi Douleur
The Jester: Sara Cummings
The Dual: Emily Hendrix

Friday, April 19, 2019

[LISTEN] COAL // Insect Human

Coal’s self-titled debut is a crushing rejection of the hive-mind colony of your scene, your values and your reality, not an escape, not a distraction, but a true-vision of the world in all its grotesque, hate-filled glory. Listeners will step away from this record as from a Coal show, cleansed, purged and altered. 

After initial flirtations with the project being a ‘live electronic act’ proved unsatisfying, Anthony Arcana & Oliver Kohlenberg chose to morph the project into something unbound: hoarse-barked, one-line lyrics, mutant chainsaw guitar feedback and drums that sound like a nightmare, Kronenberg trash-compactor collide to form their own world. Coal’s sound is a blurred vision of influences, fusing elements of post-metal, hip-hop, black-metal, American hardcore, sludge, doom, jungle and trap into something that feels cathartic, potent, whole and unique.


Releases May 1, 2019 on Instruments of Discipline 
All songs written by Coal 
Mastered at Dadub

Swamp Booking & Instruments of Discipline presents:

Operant & Coal 4eva €€€ Tour!!!!!!

1/5 - Tape - Aarhus, DK
2/5 - Mayhem - Copenhagen, DK
4/5 - Urban Spree - Berlin, DE
7/5 - Hradec Kralove, CZ
8/5 - Brno, CZ
9/5 - Chmury - Warsaw, PL
11/5 - Wroclaw, PL
12/5 - FUGA -Bratislava, SK
13/5 - Kset -Zagreb, HR
14/5 - Budapest, HK
15/5 - Kubik - Trnava, SK
16/5 - Kosice, SK
17/5 - Linz, AT
18/5 - Underdogs - Prague, CZ
19/5 - Dresden, DE