Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marilyn Rondon X Ozzy Garcia

All images © Ozzy Garcia

Chainmaille Boot Armour | Silver Fox Chainmaille

Love this idea!

Boot armour with gunmetal spike detail. Euro 4-1 weave, bright aluminum rings. Will fit most boot styles except harness boots. Small size shown, is 5 1/2 inches wide at the upper and lower connection points marked with oversized rings. Two stretchy chains hook into the oversized rings to attach the armour to the boot. Stretchy chains will be oversized. Remove links as necessary for a snug fit.

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Featured Tattoo Artist | Matt 'Craven' Evans

Name: Matt 'Craven' Evans
Location: Birmingham UK

What attracted you to tattooing?

 A lot.. It was still pretty seedy and 'alternative' when I first started seeking it. Ya know, only one shop within 60miles kinda thing. I'd always been into drawing on anything an everything from an early age. Not fitting in. Seeing this other world where people can just be themselves and still fit in. Just seemed right for me..a different pace of life and freedom.

How did you get into the industry?
 I had been trying for years and all but given up. I was working as a kitchen fitter/delivery driver and sometimes I'd pass the town the my friend worked in the studio there so I'd stop by and eventually I was offered an apprenticeship,so I jumped at it.
Was it hard to find an apprenticeship? I said..there were hardly any shops around. I was studying art at the time and going to pester all the shops I could travel too. Being no room..I just sat on that dream for a while, carried on with music and working shit jobs doing almost anything. The job I eventually got, paid me nothing. It was a 90 minute drive to the studio each way. It cost me a lot but, it's worth the sacrifice. 

How many years have you been tattooing?
 Around about 4 1/2 years now. But I learnt hardly a thing in the first shop. I only really started improving upon my move to One shot Charlie's, where I currently work. Being around better artist's pushing you daily has helped me endlessly.

What inspires you?
 Mostly music... It greatly effects my mood and waves of creativity. Seeing what other people are producing and thinking "damn, that's such a good idea!" then having the drive to improve from this. Too many great artists to mention.
Who are your favourite tattoo artists?
 I will firstly mention the artists that really gave me the confidence to push ahead when I started out... So James Kiley, Dawnii Fantana and Bez. People's work I love to see like Steve Byrne, Tim Hendrix, Jonas Uggli. So many. Just super clean smooth work no matter what it is.

How would you describe your tattoo style?

 In an early stage of development. I'm not sure if I have a style that really pulls through just yet. Style just happens I guess. I'm just focused on technique right now...the rest will fall into place (I hope).

What have you learned in your years in the industry?
 Yeh.... Times can be hard... Tattooing can take everything from you, but if you stay with it and work hard it can give you a whole new life and everything you want too.

What advice do you have to people considering careers in tattooing?
 It's not like TV! It's hard, it's sacrifice, it's long hours, it's no social life. Long hard road. Make sure it's what you want and not to just look cool. 

What are some of the best things you have experienced as a result of your career?
 New opportunities, meeting some great people, meeting heroes, travelling the world, constant learning curve keeping me focused and out of trouble out there in the world.

 Where do you currently tattoo?
 Currently working out of One Shot Charlie's (OSC) Stourbridge UK. Along side Lee pound, Rich Hadley and Tom Chippendale.
  One Shot Charlies - s167 Lower High Street
Stourbridge, DY8 1TT
01384 444499

Matt Craven on Facebook.