Friday, September 21, 2018

ART // Jasmina Cibic

Part Time Punks Session : Chasms // Black Ice

[LISTEN] NUN // Turning Out

Turning Out is the second single from NUN's forthcoming album, The Dome. Turning Out swings between NUN's ‘synth punk’ moniker to ‘sweetly gobbed’ choruses. 

The band's development echoes the first wave of post-punk and Industrial music, from the malevolent broken electronics of Throbbing Gristle to the sensual trance of Chris and Cosey, or Human Leagues journey from the turgid grind of Being Boiled to the giddy synth-pop of DARE. 

Vocalist Jenny Branagan cites the song as offering "disturbance and reward… we wanted the chorus to feel like a release from the frantic tension of the verse". "Musically it sounds triumphant but lyrically it’s a negative outline of those formative experiences that leave you altered and filled with rage".


4 MONCLER Simone Rocha

4 MONCLER Simone Rocha drops September 20 in Moncler boutiques and the brand’s online store. The collection is also available via select retailers, starting from September 25.

Johann Johannsson // Mandy Soundtrack

Purchase via Invada Records

Jonas Åkerlund 's ‘Lords of Chaos’

Set in 1987, Lords of Chaos chronicles the birth of Mayhem, the notorious Norwegian black metal band that wore corpse paint, burned down churches and was involved in brutal murders. Rory Culkin stars as the group’s leader, Euronymous, who meets his match in Varg (Emory Cohen), a disturbed young man with a taste for extreme violence.

The film is adapted from the Feral House book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind.

“It starts out where music is everything. Then before you know it you run your own record shop and label, you represent bands, you do to tours … and you burn down churches and you kill people.” - Jonas Åkerlund

Based on Truth and Lies

Vivienne Westwood // SPRING 2019 READY-TO-WEAR