Friday, December 14, 2018

Australia's Bonnie Mercer unleashes aural carnage on new retrospective "Mystic Decade"

'Mystic Decade' is a 10 year retrospective; a collection of recordings made between the years 2007 - 2017 by Bonnie Mercer. All tracks (except the last & most recently recorded, 'Eat Guitars') have appeared previously on compilations in Australia, North America and Europe.  Based in Melbourne, Australia, guitarist Bonnie Mercer continues to explore the unknown worlds of unrestrained feedback, hallucinatory white noise and hypnotically evolving sonic guitar experiments. 

The album is a sonic journey through a black hole of aural carnage and mind manipulation which cleverly weaves a hypnotic web of sound. Mystic takes you on a trip through grimy feedback and dark alley ways of the mind all unknown. Bonnie's sound is uncompromising,  harsh, raw, an audible chimera of an experience not easily forgotten. 

Bonnie's evolution as a key experimental guitarist and indeed a visceral one has never been more highlighted than on this retrospective where you can audibly not only feel and vicariously experience  the evolution of her use white noise and hypnotics penetrate you.

[ "The idea for 'Mystic Decade' came about earlier this year when I realised that it had been ten years since I had started playing solo. Playing solo is a constant emotional roller coaster for me, it is truly full of ups and downs and I am often too hard on myself...but at the same time, it is most definitely one of the most rewarding things I do. I have been given so many wonderful opportunities - supported some of my favourite bands, met amazing new friends, toured around the world, and collaborated with so many talented musicians.
Compiling the 10 year retrospective for 'Mystic Decade' largely a process of self-reflection - looking back at some of those achievements and all of the music I have created over that time. It was a way of acknowledging a significant period of time in my life and making the conscious decision to keep pushing forward...recognising all of the insecurities that have haunted me along the way, embracing all the things I love about playing music, and making the decision to stop being so hard on myself - the start of a new decade." - Bonnie Mercer ]

Monday, December 10, 2018

[WATCH] XIU XIU // Scisssssssors

"Scisssssssors" is taken from Xiu Xiu's new album, Girl with Basket of Fruit, out February 8, 2019. Stream/Order: Directed By Angela Seo and Anna Lian Tes Cinematography: Arthur Love Edited By Alex Grybauskas Performances By Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart The Court: Erica Esteve, Elliot Reed, Houda Zakeri
A Tiny Human Films Production 1st AD: Britney Wilson Gaffer: Jesse Mendelsohn Grip: Kishan Patel Grip: Samir Golshan Costume Designer: Matt Rebula Production Designer: Suzan Choy PD Assistant: Ellen Connaughton PD Assistant: Julie Bach Hair & Makeup: Ashley Jensen SPFX Makeup: Erin Pattison BTS Photography: Provvidenza Catalano Craft Services: Emily O' Sullivan

FASTER // Hopeless Lingerie


 Model @thetitfairy
Make up - @emma.c.artistry, @domitronn
Photos @gabrielleaferns

[LISTEN] Mutant Flesh // Deth Crux

Los Angeles deathrock night stalkers Deth Crux spawned from the L.A. extreme metal underground, coalescing around members of doom legends Buried at Sea and local black/death juggernauts Lightning Swords of Death. They debuted in 2015 with their now classic Pears of Anguish demo tape, released that year by underground tape label T(R)APE. The demo tape was met with much acclaim, stirring up quite a buzz and going quickly sold out as the band was already being hailed as a rising promise in US deathrock. 

In the wake of the tape's success the band spent the ensuing months writing new music and then booked studio time with famed sound engineer and fellow Buried at Sea bandmate Sanford Parker (Leviathan, Wovenhand, Nachtmystium, Voivod etc.) to record what would become their shapeshifting and tumultuous debut album Mutant Flesh.