Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OVM x James Jean | “Drip” Collection feat. Sasha Grey

Mishka | The Necromancer Watch in Black

Get yours HERE.

Daniela Villegas | Wing Earrings

18K Yellow Gold and Diamonds with Zebra Finch Wings

If you want to drop a cool $6,2500 (like I totally would pssshh) you can purchase these amazing pieces via Roseark.

Tuesday Night Band Practice | Lilith leather biker jacket

Available through OakNYC.

Thrifty & Modern

This Vintage store has some amazing pieces and an awesome looking site set-up and good-looking models to boot! Although, beware there are some amazing fur pieces in the store but unfortunately they aren't faux fur. That aside - Thrifty & Modern is an ecceletic vintage-gasm for the avid vintage shopper!