Tuesday, March 28, 2017


 Manunkind - Russian Paradox 
Russian Paradox consists of four songs, three already included in our live program, continuing the idea of the sound of our self-titled, debut release; the exception is «Atra Mors», a typical power electronics display that penetrates the charred skull like dead winds in the desert, the concept of the song lies in the parallels between contemporary Europe and the Europe of 1346. «The Approximate Man» is dedicated to Tristan Tzara's primitive poetry. 

«Russian Paradox» is an absolutely new stage of Manunkind, inspired by reflection and personal experiences of transcendence, dedicated to the power of the big land, the magic of air and our blood history, to the paradox that became an integral part of our existence, passing through centuries, shouting to us inevitably that 2+2 always makes 5. Always. Here. Forever. 

We meet causeless, strong-willed self-affirmation at the intersection with total lack of will, extreme sensuality and extreme emotional neglect. Pressed and cut. 

The people who have carried hope through the years of suffering. 

The land that has always been on the edge of the abyss, but manages to defy all laws of gravity. 
The person who is always recognized in other lands, with a black mark on their soul, with a cold silence or burning heart, an absurd impudence. 
Paradox. Irrationality. The land and heroes of our past. What makes us who we are…» 
- Gin & Dee


Releases March 27, 2017 through Instruments of Discipline
Limited 100 Tape & Digital Release.

All songs written by: 

Eugene Gin & Dee Grinski as Manunkind 

Lyrics - Eugene Gin and Dee Grinski 
(Except - The Approximate Man by Tristan Tzara) 
Artwork by Elizaveta Papirovska 
Mixing & Mastering - Own Cause Art-Union