Friday, August 12, 2016

RENEERUIN.COM [ EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE ] Paper Tiger (Vowws Versus Winkie)

L.A.-based Vowws (Cleopatra Records) have brought their characteristic rhythms and dark-pop sensibilities to WINKIE's odd track ‘Paper Tiger’ off of their 2016 LP ‘Come To My Party’ (American Primitive). The resulting remix is a dystopian death disco, a twisted spin on an already subversive track. This is a the second remix off the bands current album. They unleashed Xiu Xiu’s glitched-out remix of ‘At Night They Dreamed of Revenge’ in April. 

Vowws are performing with Ritual Howls at ‘A Murder of Crows’ Alternative and Gothic Festival in New York’s Mercury Lounge on August 12th.

WINKIE © Ester Segretto Photography