Thursday, March 28, 2013

From the Black Lodge Fundraiser

"From the Black Lodge" is a popup shop that travels to different venues around
the world. We strongly believe in handmade, small batch, independent business. The shop will be filled with products from artists and designers that sellprimarily on the internet. My goal in the creation of “From the Black Lodge” is tohelp these artist bring work to shoppers which they may not have had the chanceto see, and will allow the shoppers to experience and appreciate a unique,specific style. I will also be giving the artists I represent an opportunity to sharetheir efforts, and to spread the awareness of their craft without taking a hugefinancial risk on their own.

Some of the artists FTBL will be working with are:


Guts, Glam Glory



Terra Luna

Wicked Apothecary


Lisa Muerta leather works

David Guy

& many others

  When you contribute to this project, you will be offered a handful of rewards.
The goal is to help others, both shoppers and artists in the pursuit of keeping a
unique style, and handmade, artisan projects alive, and I am hoping this goal will
be shared by friends, family, artists and all those who appreciate the small batch,
independent business.