Wednesday, October 17, 2018

[PREMIERE] Deadpan // Fool Moon

Soon after the break with Deadpan Interference back in 2016, Martin Funder, Max Cosnier and Sofie Westh already knew that they weren't done with developing their music. During the years 2017-18 new sounds grew out from their collaboration and is now ready to be shown to the world.

It's near impossible to put a specific genre on the band's characteristic sound, but the heavy, experimental approach to songwriting and rhythm - mixed with a great love of explosive pop-music - isn't to be mistaken. Deadpan can sound like the love child of the 70/80s experimental postpunk band Chrome and 00s dancepunk heroes LCD Soundsystem; wrapped in the modernity of contemporaries like The Garden, and still, this attempt at describing their sound already shows its limits. With the new sounds came new songs and an urge to play around with a brand new set up. Two members have been added to the Deadpan stable who is now running a pack of five. The new people added is the lead singer Arsene Survie (Syringe) and guitarist and synth player Christian Skibdal (ex-The Wands)

Deadpan are ready to present themselves with their new EP "Fool Moon" to be released on December 7th. The record has been produced by Oliver Volz (Shiny Darkly) and is being released on the Paris/Copenhagen record label Third Coming Records.

From the EP "Fool Moon" to be released on Third Coming Records, Dec 7th 2018. 

Directed by Frederik Valentin. 

Instagram : @deadpanmusic