Monday, November 4, 2013

Who's that Girl? | Sara Cummings

©Anthony Chiang

Good question

Caucasian/ Unknown

Currently live: 
Transient between Las Vegas and Los Angeles for now

Day job (what pays the bills): 

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Watching documentaries, reading, writing, karaoke, people watching, eyebrow raising, and rattlesnake racing (just kidding with the last one… but i highly recommend YouTube searching it) 


-To take care of my mom 
-To live underground 
-To join the circus
 -To develop my craft and generate something that people will look at and have ANY response other than interpreting it as a quick flash of just another boring and clichéd project. I want to discover what determines whether someone looks twice and what it takes to elicit a mental or emotional response through my work. 
-Aspire to inspire before I expire

© Asher Moss 

Happily single


© Courtney Chavanell  

What was growing up like for you?  

Do you want a happy heart-warming story or the truth?  It was a nightmare (nervous laugh). I'm just lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive mom.

©Tommy Chase Lucas

©Tommy Chase Lucas

Do you see yourself as Model? 

Sometimes… There are times when being a living clothes hanger is all that's required and the focus is on the shape, drape, and movement of the garment and how to best display its features and other times when I get to separate myself and play a part to tell a story. I enjoy both sides.

©Tyler Hubby

When did you become involved in modelling and what do you love about it?

I love the excitement of working with different crews and traveling to different locations for projects. Its a non-stop source of inspiration.  Ive been modeling on and off for almost 7 years. Taking breaks and focusing on hair styling in between.

©Tyler Hubby

What would you like to do it more in the future?

 Travel. Runway. The thrill of performing is addicting. I would also love to do more eccentric avant-garde fine art. My dream is to work with Joel Peter Witkin.

©Tyler Hubby

Photo via Dollface Vintage 

What do you admire in other women? 

"Why are women so much more interesting to men than men are to women?" 
- Virginia Woolf

Who is Sara? 

Cat lover. Escapist. Redditor. Muse. I do what i want.

© lindsey l33 

©Kurt Lawson

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

The odd, eccentric, creepy, grotesque, unconventional, bizarre, deviant, queer, and rare weirdos that give zero fucks and stay true to themselves.


The Holy Mountain, Children of Men, anything by Tarsem Singh or Michel Gondry.

© lauren mckinley

©Lauren Withrow

How would you describe your style?

 Space age, post-apocalyptic chic darkness. I focus on solid structures, silhouettes, drape. Always black. I'm very much anti loud colors/ patterns.

©Frankie Maran

© lindsey l33 

Are you a fashion brands girl or do you just wear what you like or whats comfortable?

 I'm crazy about Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier, & Thierry Mugler.

I tend to wear things that reflect my current mood. When I assemble an outfit that I love I won't hesitate to wear the same thing for days. NO SHAME.  In fact, I don't think I've worn any other jeans besides the Unif "Peach Pit Skinnies" from Dolls Kill since I got them. Cant seem to get enough of them. 

© BP Fallon

©Tommy Chase Lucas

What are your top 5 fashion staples you cannot live without?

 1) Dr. Martens 
2) Black leather backpack 
3) Cast of Vices black leather hospital bracelet 
4) Black fur coat 
5) April 77 jeans. Black.

©Tyler Hubby

Favourite places to shop? 

Dolls Kill, Unif, Oak NYC, Odd NYC, The Black Swan Theory, Ovate.

Decorations- Necromance in LA

Jewelry- Cast of Vices

Who would you say is your style icon?

 Bjork , Pretty Hate Machine era Trent Reznor, Siouxsie Sioux & Shirley Manson

Tales of love & lust? 

I fall in love with minds. Usually comedians… Bill Hicks, David Cross, George Carlin, Louis CK, Zack Galifianakis, and of course Jon Stewart. I can't help it.

In relationships I'm not a jealous person and I will not put up with someone who is jealous. 

What is it that you love most about being a woman?

  I'm not very girly. I do what i want.

What do you find sexy? 

Androgyny, feminine men, crooked/ gap teeth, Crispin Glover, late 90's/ early 00's Macaulay Culkin, scrawny fishnet & leather Trent Reznor, dark/ dry sense of humor, story telling skills.

 Is there anything you would change about yourself if you could?

 Ive been accused of being emotionally distant and detached… I would want to make those that it affects to feel less alone i guess.

When no one is around what are usually doing?

 Redditing, watching cat videos on YouTube, searching for new music, sending emails, setting booby traps.

©Tyler Hubby

Is there a public and private Sara? 

Not really (deletes browser history)

If you were stuck on a desert island and your only shoe options were crocs or uggs what would you do? 

Construct shoes out of banana leaves assuming this desert island has banana trees.

©Tyler Hubby

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans? 


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