Wednesday, September 26, 2018

THE COVENTRY // The Art Of Survival

The Coventry is an italian darkwave band born in the spring 2017 from the merge of the projects "Terminal Front"(Valerio & Adriana) and " Resonance" (Mario & Giammarco).

The band starts recording their first demo "Begotten" in the summer of the same year. The members of the band are Mario Manfredi (Voice & Songwriting), Valerio Rivieccio( Guitar, second voice & composing), Adriana Colella (Synth), Giammarco Milella (guitar May 2017- November 2017).

"The vision of A single man which fights against a society that grows hollow and insenstive to the humane cares and virtues which he needs" pushed the band to write and compose an entire LP called "The Art Of Survival"- recorded, mixed and produced by Valerio Rivieccio.The album has been recorded in four months (December 2017- April 2018) and released on Swiss Dark Nights .

Releases October 8, 2018