Thursday, September 27, 2018

NUIT x Krojzl Bespoke Shoes: A Preview

Oto Krojzl, creates Bespoke Footwear in the traditional handmade style, using techniques and knowledge which have been passed down from Master Cobbler to Apprentice through the centuries.

The NUIT x Krojzl collaboration was born out of a desire to create historically inspired, finely crafted and highly wearable footwear, with the idea that it should last the wearers lifetime. 

We offer you a preview of two styles designed by Anastasia Ikonnikova of NUIT and handcrafted by Oto Krojzl, in the Czech Republic.

These welted boots in Italian leather are made according to traditional techniques, entirely by one pair of hands, from start to finish. Stacked Leather base and leather insole are made from 5mm thick leather with hand carved holdfast, as per the Bespoke Shoemaking traditional standards.

The holdfast is not glued, as in low cost welted shoes, but the insole and upper welt are sewn together to attain longevity and utmost durability. The leather outsole and welt are sewn by machine and finished with rubber half sole, adding longevity to the sole and anit-fatigue properties for the wearer.

Due to the quality and construction, these boots may be easily resoled, as needed, to last the wearer's  lifetime.

NUIT x Krojzl Bespoke Shoes will be available exclusively at On October 1st.