Friday, September 21, 2018

[LISTEN] NUN // Turning Out

Turning Out is the second single from NUN's forthcoming album, The Dome. Turning Out swings between NUN's ‘synth punk’ moniker to ‘sweetly gobbed’ choruses. 

The band's development echoes the first wave of post-punk and Industrial music, from the malevolent broken electronics of Throbbing Gristle to the sensual trance of Chris and Cosey, or Human Leagues journey from the turgid grind of Being Boiled to the giddy synth-pop of DARE. 

Vocalist Jenny Branagan cites the song as offering "disturbance and reward… we wanted the chorus to feel like a release from the frantic tension of the verse". "Musically it sounds triumphant but lyrically it’s a negative outline of those formative experiences that leave you altered and filled with rage".