Friday, August 31, 2018

Venetian Blinds // CHEATING

Photo © Nicholas Wilkins

Self-described as "Music for Vampires to drive to", Melbourne’s dark-wave outfit Venetian Blinds, provide a bass heavy, eerliy reberberous tone dripping with melancholic heartache. The bands captivating and entrancing music tends to centre around experiences of dialogical consciousness and lust.

The haunting and ephemeral vocals alongside achingly gloomy guitars and dark wave whimsical drone, Venetian Blind's Debut is certain to evoke the despair and existential within. The dichotomy of male and female vocals leak a sensual and evocative experience for the listener. And if the female vocalist sounds and looks familiar that's because she also handles the guitars & vox in rock three piece Bitch Diesel

This first offering from Venetian Blinds is both a dark wave delight and an ominous well cloaked piece of musical enigma. 

This haunting melody, marinating in a bath of gloom, has been self produced and mixed by Venetian Blinds. elements have been recorded at Soundpark with the luminary ‘Idge’ behind the wheel. 

Mastered by Mikey Young.