Friday, January 13, 2017

CHAKRUBS | "Shadow Line" Collection

The Chakrub Shadow Line includes interactive sculptures that are fetish and weapon-inspired. Using mostly black obsidian crystal and stainless steel, these functional works of art ask the user to honor the self as a whole. After years of honoring the beauty in ourselves, it’s time to honor the beauty in our ugliness. After all, a thing isn’t sacred because it has the appearance of being spiritual. A thing is sacred because we give it the attention that it is. Sacred discipline, sacred shame, sacred unveiling of the ugly truth."

Vanessa Cuccia is the creator and owner of the brand Chakrubs, the original crystal sex toy company. Chakrubs utilizes crystals in their products to promote self-soothing for those seeking physical pleasure, spiritual growth, and emotional support.

For the past five years Vanessa has been building the bridge between spirituality, self-awareness and eroticism.

Her company Chakrubs is now releasing a new line of fetish inspired products that are considered interactive sculptures that were photographed by 

All photos © Rita Minissi