Thursday, January 12, 2017

[EXCLUSIVE] VIDEO PREMIERE + Q&A - Le seul élément // "U V E R"

The new track "UVER" from French noise artist Le seul élément features on their upcoming album release DEMON out on Cleopatra Records January 27th. The album also features a special guest appearance by Lynette Cerezo of personal faves - Bestial Mouths. 

I got a chance to catch up with Le seul élément to talk about "Demon". Below is what transpired;

1. For those unfamiliar with LE SEUL ELEMENT how would you describe your music and your universe within LE SEUL ELEMENT?
I have 4 bands. Each is different and represents a part of me. LSE is my only solo-project and the most important for me.

It represents all I have in my soul, the darkest side of me. This band is not a kind of therapy to extract my ghosts or a funny activity to fill the holes of the emptiness of life but it's something needed. I have to do it, I don't really know why but the creation of a song is a really strange experience, really deep. 

I started at 18 years old with a kind of Dark ambient/doom music (While I listened mainly to punk / hardcore bands). I didn't know why I composed this kind of music, it was normal for me.  But I decided to continue. I'm 30 years old now and I keep going on. I'm now in a Noise/piano/wave style and it will evolve until death ! 

2. There is a certain namelessness or anonymity if you will surrounding your identity. Personally, I love this as it allows your music to transcend the audience without any preconceived ideas about who you are and what you do. How important is it to you that music remain the sole focus and your persona not? 

It was not a conscious choice at the beginning, but in live sessions I just wanted the audience to see the video, and not me, and after that I decided that I would just  show my shadow on stage and be anonymous. This approach strengthens the feeling of strangeness, and exhorts people toward an introspective work. 

3. Your new album DEMON is out January 27th. What can we expect from this release?

Something darker.

4. One of my personal favourite musicians Lynette Cerezo of Bestial Mouths has collaborated  with you on the track "Her eyes" on the new album. Can you explain how that came about?
Bestial Mouths is a really good band. I discovered them 3 years ago with the video clip of HEARTH.  The voice of Lynette was awesome and so I wrote to her, and we decided to build a song together.  Layer by layer and two years later we finished the song. I'm really proud of this collaboration now.

5. The first video from DEMON is for the track "UVER". I love the ambience of this track and the video seems to accompany it well. What was the concept for the video and of course the track itself?
I always do the same process to imagine a video clip. I take a sheet of paper, a pen, listen to the song and write all I have in my mind, and keep it.

That video clip was really hard to make, strange atmosphere with a kid during 6 hours... Haha, awesome.

6. Are we likely to see a new tour following the release of DEMON? And what else does 2017 hold for LE SEUL ELEMENT?

I will be on tour in France and Germany in April/May 2017 but I'm looking for a new booking agency at the moment. Booking is really hard and unfortunately, I haven't enough time.