Saturday, July 2, 2016


Original Artwork © Heather Gabel


Track Listing
Wolf Eyes - Rotten Tropics
2. The Knife- Wanting To Kill
ADULT. - Dance/Avoid

4. Corporate Park & Beau Wanzer -  Wurse of the Hurse
5. Ministry - Stigmata
6. My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult - A Daisy Chain for Satan (acid and flowers mix)
7. PIL - The Flowers Of Romance
8. Andy Stott remix  - Batillus/Concrete
9Swans - Power For Power
10. NON - Total War
11. HOGG  - Fear Of Orgasm
12. Einstürzende Neubauten -  Drauseen ist feindlich


Wolf Eyes/Rotten Tropics
I've always been somewhat peripherally into Wolf Eyes but never really hung on to anything in particular from their songs until I heard this one. Super repetitive, relentless, easily my favorite song of theirs.

The Knife/Wanting To Kill
The Knife was my electronic music gateway drug. The bass rolls on this are so fucking heavy, the only vocals are some breathing, so sick. Another total slammer.

ADULT. / Dance/Avoid
I love the sentiment, and the way this one builds. Nicola's vocal delivery is a dead pan dream turned fuck off nightmare by the end of the track. 

Corporate Park/Beau Wanzer / Worse of the Hurse
This whole album is great, weird loose rhythms almost coming apart over firmly anchored albeit schizo beats. And I love Beau Wanzer. He's the best. 

This song has been making want to smash everything since I first heard it as a freshman in high school at the all ages church basement goth-industrial dance party called Vertigo that I would sneak out to go to. Total release, still losing it to this one .

My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult/A Daisy Chain for Satan (acid and flowers mix)
I never got into this band somehow, I had a couple of their singles but they have so much material I just never got through the stuff I wasn't into to find this record "Confessions Of A Knife". A friend of mine was blasting this at my studio last week and I've been trying to find it on vinyl since. It's super traditional 90's industrial but since I never heard it before it doesn't have any nostalgia tied to it for me so it just slams, and I love the samples of people talking, all my favorite punk bands used talking samples and I've always really liked that it's such an element in industrial music too. That repurposing, re-contextualizing is basically what I do in my visual art practice which is primarily collage.

PIL/The Flowers Of Romance
The drums on this whole album are fucking YES. That said, the last line of this song is "I'll take the furniture, start all over again" which is really literal, while that doesn't usually do much for me, Johnny Rotten delivering it all whiny and off kilter totally works. The sentiment is oddly spot on.

Andy Stott remix Batillus/Concrete
The dirge! Starts out a cacophony of offensive to the point of being unpleasant to hear sounds but delivers with a slow churning kind of hell hole charm. Super into this remix.

Swans/Power For Power
This sounds like a pile of dirt rolled into a ball that keeps gets bigger, picking up more dirt along the way til it's fucking gigantic with all varieties of scraping trash that will either totally annihilate you when it runs you over OR give you a few deep cuts, many lovely scrapes and bruises, and much much strength and power.

NON/Total War
This has been one of my favorite songs for a long time. Total therapy listening to it really loud laying on the floor. Sounds like contained rage,it absolutely SEETHES, about to explode but it has a really calming effect on me.

HOGG/Fear Of Orgasm
HOGG are hands down my favorite Chicago band right now. They make me want to be in a band, like when you're a kid and you see something and wish you made it and want it to be yours. This is the band I'd wanna be in if I wasn't doing HIDE. They fucking slay live, honest.

Einstürzende Neubauten/Drauseen ist feindlich
Love the stripped down, slowed down, minimalist approach of this track which really stands out on the record as well as when compared to their entire catalog. I wouldn't call it reserved, but there is a level of restraint on the bands part (very short song using only four sounds/samples total plus one vocal track and one vocal sample), especially concerning the vocals which are near whispered. I am a less is more kind of person when it comes to making music so this is right up my alley. And this might be one of my favorite use of a vocal sample ever, I die when I hear these German women laughing, saying "Yah, yah, yahhhh".

Photo © Lauren Galindo

Heather Gabel is an artist and musician from Chicago, USA.