Monday, May 27, 2013

Evolving, our own way | An Interview with Sara Larocca-Ramm of SOTBM

First of all who is Sara Larocca-Ramm?

Oh man, this is one of those first day of class questions!  Haha! Here goes....

I was born by the murky swamps of southern Louisiana.  I spent most of my childhood/young adult life in Texas. Now I live in a cottage outside of Gothenburg, Sweden with my husband and son.  I find I am the happiest when taking long walks through the forest with my family. I am intrigued by decay, individuality, darkness, unexplained energies, the color black, the moon, the ancient. I hope to one day live completely off the land.

How did you first get involved in the fashion industry?

As a little one I was dying to find a way to express myself.  I couldn't paint or draw so I used clothing as my palette.  I have never really felt like I was part of an industry.  I am just working with what I love and what feels natural to me.  

What led to the birth of Sisters of the Black Moon? 
It is simple really... There were/are 3 best friends who wanted to find an outlet for their creativity and make a living from it.  I have never been good with authority or following a schedule so it was inevitable that I would end up my own boss.

For those who don't know how would you explain Sisters of the Black Moon?

SOTBM is a bi-continental online shop that is carefully curated by it's three founders.  We carry clothing, jewelry, apothecary products and housewares.  Our customer wears a a lot of black.

What is it that you think sets SOTBM apart from other companies around at the moment?

I think what makes the shop unique is that we have never succumb to trends.  We sell what we personally love and each of us would wear every single piece in our shop.  We are not interested in fast fashion. All of the pieces we carry have a timeless quality.  A balance of hard and soft. We strive to make a woman feel unique and alive with mystery. 

How do you culminate artists and designers and pick the collaborations for SOTBM? 
Can you explain that process?

Several of the designers we carry are actually close friends of ours (Alchemy, Heyoka Leather, Naked Eye Beauty, Onward Into the Future, Anu Tera).  Others we have formed relationships through the the Internet.  There has to be a strong gut instinct when we collaborate with someone.  We always ask the question...are you inspired?  When you come across artists such as OVATE and BLOODMILK, you are literally stopped dead in your tracks.  

What would you say is the main ethos behind SOTBM and it's conceptual direction?
The most important thing to us is evolving in our own way and pace while staying true to our aesthetic.  We want to always have an open and grateful dialogue with our customers.  


One of the things I love about SOTBM is the uniqueness and presence of the imagery and designs. Where do the sisters draw their inspiration and musings for the conceptual imagery around the shop/brand?

I think we have all grown so much from when we first started but the elements of inspiration have always remained consistent. Taking a walk alone in the forest and letting your sense of wonder run wild. Talking to one another on the phone and feeling the energy and excitement of a new idea.  Meeting young women designers who possess unearthly levels of raw talent. The dark, the rare, the uninhibited, the brave, the sacred and eccentric. 


From alchemy to artistic pieces to dark gothic looks. Is it important to you that the company continues to showcase different and unique designs and artists rather than just the same homogenised niche look?

It is always important to grow and create fresh ideas but you will never see neon in our shop. It just doesn't fit the bill. There is always a new way to wear black!


Is there any one artist out there you would love to collaborate with but haven't yet?

Hands down, Aoi Kotsuhiroi.  She blows my fucking mind!!!
What are some of the greatest achievements and moments that you have experienced as a result of SOTBM?

For me personally it was the process of creating our own collection/designs.  Being part of every step and every seam meant so much to me.  

Are there any projects you are working on currently you can tell us about?

We are currently in the first stages of our Fall collection.  The designs have been finalized and we are starting the next steps...patterning, finding fabrics, etc. 

What do you think the future holds for Sisters of the Black Moon?

I think we will be dipping our hands in the designing pot more and more. An SOTBM magazine?  A home line?   Hmmmmm... the possibilities are always endless.