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Committed to Heal | An interview with Medium & Intuitive healer Marcella Kroll

Marcella Kroll is an Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Teacher, Life Coach & Hypnotist. What the hell does that mean you ask? Well I'm interested to find out myself. I have never really believed in "spiritual" type stuff and always being the sceptic I was put to the challenge by a friend to have a session with a Spiritual Healer at her health centre. I decided to take that opportunity to open my mind to the possibility of what spirituality had to offer. 
After my experience, I was shocked to discover parts of the session were really confronting and also that I did intact find a healing effect from the session. After that experience I vowed to keep open when it comes to the mind and the power of spiritual healing. I am not a convert to spiritual healing but I now see that for some people this kind of therapy can help and even heal some of the inner turmoils of the soul. 
Marcella live in Los Angeles and has been practicing as an intuitive medium and using Tarot for seventeen years and specialises in what is referred to as Intuitive counselling. Through tarot, Past Life Exploration, and Mediumship Marcella aims to aid in making positive changes in your life and for your future.  Marcella has been seen showcasing her skills on television shows such as Joan & Melissa Rivers Show, 'Joan knows best'  and conducts workshops nationwide including an introductory course ‘Tarot For Teens’ though the Los Angeles Public Library. Marcella is also a certified Consulting Hypnotist & Member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) as well as being trained in Shamanic Studies in the Lakota Medicine Tradition with renowned Medicine Woman Irene Skau.
This was an awesome opportunity to speak to someone established in the metaphysical field and seek a genuine understanding and perspective on what many people still struggle to accept and/or understand. To add something even more special to this feature in walks the amazingly talented Chrissy Piper who shot an exclusive series of photographs to compliment this interested and engaging person.

How would you describe yourself and how would you describe your childhood growing up?

I'm a modern day Witch Elvis with a heart of gold. Childhood wasn't much of a childhood after 6 years old. I grew up with a young rock-n-roll party Mom, a biker Step Father, an open house policy, and a handful of half siblings. It was always chaos and about survival. I got out as soon as I could and never looked back.

Has spirituality always been something that has followed you since you were young or is it something that developed later in life?
I have always been fascinated by the spiritual and the occult. As young as 7, I remember being obsessed with Ancient Egypt, Magic, Ghosts, & Psychic Powers. I would base all my school projects around those subjects. I even attempted to levitate a kid in class for an experiment.

Does "healing" run in your family? And can you describe how you discovered your gifts and when you decided to take the path towards where you are now?
Healing does run in my family. Although I didn't know that until I was in my late twenties. These things were never discussed in my family, as it was looked at in a negative way. My mother and Grandmother (who helped raise me) are Italian Catholics. I grew up in New England aka Witch Burning Country. I never really discovered my gifts, as much as they overtook me. I have always been sensitive, but tuned most of it out in my teenage years with a heavy drug addiction. What got me on the path I am now was a drug overdose at 18. I had nothing left so I studied astrology, Magick, and started reading tarot cards.

When you tell people what you do for a living what is the general response?
  The response is so varied, but it could go from utter disgust, fright, and fear to love, curiosity, and psychic junkie obsession.

How did you become involved initially in this profession and what does it take to become a Medium and/or healer?

 I never intended on doing this work. I was working in Fashion for years and was fired for not being the "right vibe". I have to say it was the worst/best thing that happened to me. It crushed my ego, but my spirit wanted more.

I started working for the Los Angeles Public Library and they really supported me in teaching Tarot to Teens Workshops at the different library branches. The more I started to honor the work by being open to it, the more I encountered like minded individuals and teachers. I am mainly self taught, but I did study healing with a medicine woman in Los Angeles to understand more about Shamanic Healing, and the old traditions.

If you want my advice on what it takes to become a Medium or Healer, have integrity, and be ready to deal with, and OWN your shit. It's not a hipster trend, like some think it is. It's your life, and a commitment to helping others for their highest good. You will be honored and ridiculed, take nothing personally. Your ego should have nothing to do with it.


It's common to hear things like 90% of people involved in this industry are fakes and take advantage of people at their lows. What would you say to that and how do you deal with this kind of backlash which often make things tough for the people who really do have gifts?
There are a number of bad apples in this business. Just like in most businesses. You wouldn't go see a doctor, a tattoo artist, or a lawyer without checking them out? Why on earth would you go see someone that you don't know and trust them with your money, mind, body, & spirit for healing? Yes there are folks that run a good con, but really do your research, it can save your wallet, and spirit from being crushed by unethical practitioners. Also remember that Readers & Healers are not God, they are human, and it takes all kinds. You might get a good reading from me, and a shitty one from someone else, or vice versa. It doesn't mean the person was ripping you off, maybe it's just not the right healer for you.

Can you explain what Mediumship is and how you use it to help people in your therapies?
  Mediumship allows communication from spirits on the other side. It can be people or pets that have passed over, or even deities, power animals, and spirit guides that are with the person. This allows me to connect with my clients in a more personalized and intimate way. It can really provide the individual with an intense emotional healing to connect to their loved ones and/or guides.

What is one of the most profound experiences you have encountered while conducting a session?

It still is always mind blowing when I have a random image come to me, and I have to just tell the client. Even if it seems completely ridiculous or makes no sense. During a session once I kept smelling and seeing two hands delivering fresh bread. I thought my own hunger was taking over after a long day, and kept pushing it out of my mind. I just wanted to help this woman work on her relationship questions. Finally it became too much, so I asked her. Who do you know that is connected to a loaf of bread? Before I could finish apologizing for how ridiculous it sounded, she starts sobbing. Turns out her favorite Aunt passed away suddenly 3 days prior and the last time they were together, they made bread. That's when it hit me, what I was really doing. It wasn't just about these "does he fancy me?" readings, but it's about the healing. She hadn't been able to start processing or mourning her Aunt until that moment.

Just like modern medicine, is it fair to say that spiritual healing does not work for everyone? And what kinds of people do you think benefit most from these types of therapies?
It's true, it does not and will not work for everyone. Nothing will if you don't have faith in it. Even if you only believe in Science you still have faith, because you believe in it. There really isn't a type of person that benefits more than another. You just have to be ready with an open heart.

You also heavily use Tarot in your sessions. Can you explain the basic process of a session and what you aim to achieve during and after the reading?
  I like to start by connecting to the client through their name & birthday. This gives me permission to read them. Then I like to lay out a spread of cards to get a quick overview of what's happening for the individual. Tarot helps me open the floor for the mediumship to start. This also allows me to step out and my higher self to take over and deliver the messages, and words needed at the time. We may be looking at present day issues or even past lives that come to the surface. The aim during the reading is to get to the heart of the matter, empower the individual. It is my job to illuminate what is possible. The rest is up to the client to do the work, and continue their growth on their own personal paths. I encourage the greatest gifts of the person I am reading for by shining a light on it for them to see.

To those who adamantly believe this kind of therapy is a waste of time what would you like to say to them?

Awesome, that means they won't be seeing me.

Having experienced a healing session once myself. I found the experience led me to a sense of self awareness that seemed to compound certain things I had already suspected. What are some of the most common things, ailments, questions clients come to you with and how do you decide what type of therapy is best to use in their case?
A lot of people first show up with the basics wanting to know about love, money, career, etc. We then get to explore why they don't have what they think they want in the first place, and what or who may be stopping it or why. Some folks just want help breaking the pattern or cycle that keeps them from experiencing the life they should be living. I ask their guides and mine to show me what type of therapy is needed and go from there.


Has there ever been a client where you have felt something very bad or horrible and you have made the decision to withhold that information? How do you decide what is important and what is trivial?

 I make a point to not hold back, but to choose my words carefully. Compassion is key. I did once see a client's father was going to pass, he had been ill for some time. I didn't say flat out "he is going to die", but I strongly suggested that she say everything she wanted to say to him as soon as possible, as the time was getting close. It was an important thing for her to do. Me delivering the detail wasn't necessary, unless she asked.

Sometimes if something seems insignificant or trivial but the client insists, I won't get an answer at all. It's like dead air on the telephone. So we move on to address what the true issue or subject of importance is and go from there.

As a healer and medium, how do you embrace spirituality and your own issues and experiences in your own life and remain objective? Do you yourself ever perform readings on yourself or seek therapies from another healer?

As a human I am far from perfect, and need to be reminded that it is totally acceptable not to be. As a healer and medium I have to remember my faith in the interconnection of it all. The most important thing that keeps me balanced is having gratitude daily. I occasionally do readings for myself, but its not that practical, and its exhausting to have to be objective for oneself. I do seek therapies from other reputable and trusted practitioners. Self care is key if you want to do good work.

What does the future hold for Marcella Kroll?

A lot of love, art, magic, a healing retreat style bed & breakfast, and a partner to share it with.
Instagram: @granolachola
Marcella also offers readings via Skype (see website for more info)
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