Saturday, May 21, 2011


"Anti Sweden has risen! We at the Norwegian design office Anti wanted to use our experience and knowledge of design to create our own brand - a brand that reflected our love of fashion, of graphic design, and which reflected the unremitting darkness that is at the heart of the Norwegian identity and is the seat of true Black Metal. Anti Sweden is that unholy creation! We are aiming to once again take rebellion back to black jeans!"

"As Norwegians we dare to challenge our bigger neighbors, Sweden, who are renowned worldwide for their recognisable Scandinavian brands, notably Acne and Cheap Monday. With Anti Sweden we are now taking up the friendly fight that has existed between our two countries ever since the liquidation of the alliance in 1905. While minimalism is at the heart of both Scandinavian countries, we Norwegians embrace the dark and the occult as central to our identity. Anti Sweden is Black Metal going fashion."