Saturday, November 7, 2020

[LISTEN] The Well Cover "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" By Roxy Music For Bandcamp Friday!

The second installment of The Well's "Love Song Demos" quarantine cover series has dropped in the form of Roxy Music's "In Every Dream Home a Heartache." Following up last month's "I Feel You" Depeche Mode cover, The Well continues in a line of slightly unexpected influences, though both songs are certainly dark and psychedelic in their respective ways.

As with the previous Depeche Mode rendition, The Well took a synth and organ-heavy Roxy Music track and created similar tension and foreboding while remaining guitar-driven. This time around they included a twelve-string acoustic under-layer, insistent effected guitar punctuated by punchy clear solos and drum accents, and held together with a deep, fuzzed-out bass.

The vocals on both of these covers so far were a focus for the band. "We've enjoyed the experience of highlighting our dual vocals by covering these two incredibly strong vocal performances from David Gahan and now Bryan Ferry. The interplay of female & male vocal leads has always lent our sound a uniqueness, and I think it's fun seeing them pushed out in front in the mix in a way that we don't usually do with The Well originals," says Lisa Alley (bassist/vocals). 

When it came to choosing this second cover, Ian Graham (guitar/vocals) explains that Roxy Music and this track, in particular, are tour van staples for The Well. There's creeping darkness to the song that's entrancing, "the bookending on a heartache, the desperation of something promised by the achievement of success but still unrealized, it's talking about a spiritual gap we're trying to fill with things synthetic." 

Art, recording, and mix by TV's Daniel
Performance and arrangement by The Well
Original Song Written by Bryan Ferry

Look out for a few more off the path covers from The Well as Bandcamp days continue into 2021, eventually rounding out in a 4-5 track ep that may see eventual physical release early next year. "It's a great exercise to get in the minds of musicians we admire and we're hoping to give ourselves and our fans a little fun to look forward to in the process," Graham summarizes. You can check out the cover in full at: