Friday, July 17, 2020

[LISTEN] TFW | Divide and Dissolve

TFW is a beginning. 

A pathway for Divide and Dissolve. When we first met one of the first pieces of information we chose to share with each other is that we are Indigenous. 

TFW is a map we created to fight the dispossession that we both experience and strive to negate. It is a humble and demanding petition for Indigenous Sovereignty, decolonization in all its formations, our connection with the Earth, Water, Life, people and our responsibilities. 

TFW is a manifestation of our resistance to colonization, slavery, racism, the carceral state, imperialism, and oppressive power structures and ideologies.


Releases August 7, 2020 

Takiaya Reed: saxophone, guitar 
Sylvie Nehill: drums 

Mixed and Mastered by Laura Lansdowne 
Artwork by River Streader