Monday, May 25, 2020

[LISTEN] Jaye Jayle | "Guntime"

Jaye Jayle (aka Evan Peterson of Widows) is back with his fourth LP from the project. Again joined by Sargent House's Ben Chisolm (Chelse Wolfe) as producer. The new EP offers up a dark and haunting dark Americana country goth vibe and is not lacking in its emotionally intesity or musical ecleticism and the unique instrumental porwess we've come to expect from Jayle. 

Prisyn track listing:

1.  A Cold Wind
2.  Don't Blame the Rain
3.  Synthetic Prison
4.  The River Spress
5.  Making Friends
6.  Guntime
7.  Blueberries
8.  I Need You
9.  Last Drive
10.  From Louisville

From the upcoming album "Prisyn", out August 7th on Sargent House Pre-order / Stream / Download: