Friday, November 15, 2019

[WATCH] Bestial Mouths | "Withiin"

After the release of their crushing EP, INSHROUDSS, Berlin-based Bestial Mouths shares a new haunting video for their single "Withiin", as the band kicks off their US tour. 

Withiin" is the third single of Bestial Mouths new EP. Sonically, the track combines the signature elements of the band: Lynette's hypnotic vocals and industrial synths, a blend of goth, Noise, and Avant-Garde Electro. Visually, the song was released with a sensual and obscure video directed by Boy Harsher's Jae Mathews and Caitlin Driscoll. 

"Forms collide in a wooded landscape. They push, they consume, they weave in and out of each other. There is something so primal here. For Bestial Mouth's Withiin, we wanted to create a piece that explored the desire to exist within another person. With the help of two dancers, Katherine Adler and Michael Murphy, we choreographed and documented primitive movements between two forms. We processed the video through a PixelVision deck in order to get a distorted and eerie, abstract atmosphere. This dire landscape accentuates the transgression between the two characters. The graphic content and lo-fi style, tributes the horror of Elias Merhige's Begotten and messy amateur porn from a time of lo grade cameras" - Jae and Caitlin  

Withiin", as the rest of the INSHROUDSS EP, was produced by Alex DeGroot (of Zola Jesus) and features Brant Showers (of SOLVE and Aaimon). 

"Sometimes I think I can hear the sound of a helicopter, coming down to catch me before I fall from the cliffs. It is, however, merely the tireless grinding of the waves below me. Heartbreaks easier than bone. Wounds never heal in a dead-end sea. And the waves wash over me, leaving only a flayed thing upon the sands.” - Lynette 

Check out the video below. D
irected by Jae Mathews of Boy Harsher.