Monday, October 28, 2019

[WATCH] Bestial Mouths | The Bleed

The track “The Bleed” is featured on Bestial Mouths forthcoming EP “INSHROUDSS”. Produced by Alex DeGroot (of Zola Jesus) and features Brant Showers (of SOLVE and Aaimon).

New EP "INSHROUDSS" out Oct. 28th
Credits: Directed by Rory Gory Shot by Gina Canavan and Dickie Flicks Edited by Ashley Capachione Bride of Bluebeard: Lynette Cerezo Bluebeard: Brant Showers Dead Brides: Anna Schmidt, Sera Timms, Rebecca Buhler, Mariana Saldana Makeup: Heather L Galipo Catering: Ashley Marie Special thanks to Axel Owyen