Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Nigh/T\mare // Hypnagogia EP

Inspired by spirituality, recurrent dark dreams and mysticism, Giuseppe Sciretti in Aka Nigh/T\mare class 95 'and originally from south Italy begginig his musical project in 2016, becoming resident DJ in the crew of ISF (Infestazioni Soniche Festival), where began to perform in public alongside artists of world relevance in the electronic music scene. In 2017 its first official release for the Bulgarian label DVNTT , followed soon by other physical (Vinyl, Tape, CD) and digital releases on labels as Thrènes, Lett Records, DRVMS LTD. and others…

His obscure and ancestral style shows introspective journeys guided by meticulous environmental reliefs, hypnotizing rhythms percussion and melancholic synth.