Saturday, September 22, 2018

SUEDE // The Blue Hour

My quivering heart-beat inducing relationship with Suede begun as soon as Brett Anderson swaggered into the music industry and opened those lips. Suede had me in the palms of their hands from the debut album and that album still remains one of my favourite iconic albums of the whole BRIT explosion. There was always something dark about Brett, something lingering in his tall slender silhouette. His voice carries you with him in a sort of agony and beauty. 

At 50 years old Brett is still as enigmatic and poetic as ever. The Blue Hour is a beautiful, sorrowful and a shadowy catharsis you're invited to indulge in along with Suede. It was released today and I have already listened to it at least 6-7 times from start to finish. I only beg the dark lords above that Suede bring their The Blue Tour to Australian Shores. 

One of my favourite tracks from the new album is Mistress. Aching and honest. Some other gems include 'Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You", "Wastelands", "Life is Golden" and "The Invisibles".