Monday, September 3, 2018

GOST // Possessor

Synthwave artist GOST is no run of the mill synth artist. His music is adrenaline fuelled, intoxicating metal infused synth that you can't stop turning up louder and louder. Much is not know about who GOST was before there was GOST but we know he played in metal bands and his favourite film is still The Goonies, that's enough for me. 

His nostalgia for 80's music, horror and the high impact of myth and performance of music artists of the time like KISS hugely influenced him and after hearing “Pump Up the Volume" from the film of the same name so began the underpinnings of what would later become GOST. 

Gost has also released a free download of his cover track of Nine Inch Nail's iconic track "Head Like a Hole' which you can download directly from Bandcamp

Possessor is out now through Blood Music Records.