Thursday, September 13, 2018

Exploded View // “Dark Stains”

"Born with the baggage of our forefathers or alternatively, the blessings of our ancestors, we are the sum of our parts, of our experience; results of our birthing. Nature and nurture; we were slid down a shoot, to end in a mystery realm, gifted or burdened, chance will decide. 

Dark stains is a song about a body who sees in themselves the errors of the past, yet flaunting behind the veils of inheritance, fails to take full responsibility for the present; that which they are, the movement of their own hand, in the here and now. "But we can break this..." 

To what extent can we break the cycles, repetitive patterns deep engrained, that we were born with? Can we trust to be protected by the cotton beds that we were blessed with? Or restricted forever more by the ceilings that we came to earth beneath? Nothing is permanent. This too shall pass."

Dark Stains by Exploded View From 'Obey,' out September 28 on Sacred Bones Records.