Sunday, July 1, 2018


Ritual Productions expands its roster with the signing of Drug Cult, a four-piece occultist doom collective whose debut self-titled rite beckons to see light of day. 

Formed at the edge of Mt. Jerusalem in the hills of Mullumbimby, Australia, Drug Cult is the alchemic workings of guitarist Vin Steele (ex. Wolfmother, Megaritual, Sun Of Man), vocalist Aasha Tozer, drummer Dale Walker (Megaritual, Sun Of Man) and bassist Maggie Schreiber. 

The catalyst of the cult is the bands history of art, punk rock, hardcore, doom, psych and metal influences which instinctively fused together; forming a channel of cohesive vibration. Their elemental craft has been brewing since April 2015 when the four close friends gathered on a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse for a “Megaritual” ceremony, shaping the vision of a heavy celestial voyage through atmospheric sound connection. 

(Image: © James Adams)

The result is a 9-track vortex of majestic heaviness laced with an evocative psychedelic haze, whereby classic melodies meld with fuzz-drenched riffs cultivating an enticing potion of technicolour wickedness. Although a grooving heavyweight tone drives throughout the rite, a darkened presence is forever evident, hexing you into Drug Cult’s realm. 

The band's debut offering was recorded live at Rocking Horse Studios, Byron Bay during December 2016, with George Carpenter at the recording and production helm and mastered by Brian Lucey of Magic Garden Mastering. 




Aasha Tozer • Vox 
Govinda Paunovic • Guitar 
Maggie Schreiber • Bass 
Dale Walker • Drums 

Recorded Live • Summer Solstice • Twenty Sixteen 
by George Carpenter • Rocking Horse Studios 
All Songs Performed & Written by Drug Cult 
All Lyrics • Aasha Tozer 

Produced by Drug Cult & George Carpenter 
Mixed by George Carpenter • The Aviary Studios 
Mastered by Brian Lucey • Magic Garden Mastering 
C & P Ritual Productions • All Rights Reserved • Twenty Eighteen