Monday, July 9, 2018

CHELSEA WOLFE // The Culling

Filmed in Salem, Massachusetts during the recording of Hiss Spun, “The Culling” video portrays the thin line between dreams, memories, and possession. The visuals are inspired by the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet, along with the work of artist Bill Crisafi, who co-directed the video with Wolfe. Ashley Rose Couture created the costume design from hair, tree bark, and other organic materials. In the video, Wolfe plays the part of the possessed, the demon, and the necromancer overseeing it all.


Featuring: Chelsea Wolfe: guitar, vocals Ben Chisholm: bass, electronics Bryan Tulao: lead guitar Jess Gowrie: drums Chelsea Wolfe on tour - Spotify: US Store: UK & EU CD/LP Store: Bandcamp: // “The Culling” video was filmed in Salem, Massachusetts in March 2017. Set Design: Bill Crisafi Creative Direction: Bill Crisafi & Chelsea Wolfe Filmed by Maggie McLaughlin & Ben Chisholm Edited by Ben Chisholm & Chelsea Wolfe Costume design: Ashley Rose Couture Makeup: Steffanie Strazzere // Kat Von D Beauty Hair: Stephanie Bartley (Special thanks to John Crawford, Jamie Mooers, and Hogan McLaughlin)