Thursday, January 18, 2018

HIDE // "Wildfire"

[The first single off our debut album is “Wildfire”. We made this video with a power trio of women photographers/filmmakers who we have worked with in the past and were eager to do something more involved with. “Wildfire” is about the earth rejecting its inhabitants. The album overall is about autonomy, identity, and power dynamics.]

HIDE "Wildfire" - from the full length album "CASTRATION ANXIETY" (Dais Records 2018) Shot by Nedda Afsari & Kristin Cofer | Edit & Archival Footage by Menthol Pictures

Castration Anxiety
(Dais, March 23rd)

1. Fall Down
2. Bound-Severed
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Wear Your Skin
5. Come Undone
6. Wildfire
7. Fucked (I Found Heaven)
8. All Fours