Friday, January 19, 2018


[Born in a warehouse in South Lake Union, Fucked & Bound delivers Seattle hardcore thats built to spank thru. With their album SUFFRAGE, the band slams forth thirteen songs in twenty-three minutes in an acid bath of pure sonic fury. Brickwalled and claustrophobic, these tracks seethe over feminism, nihilism, and the pitfalls of industry, to ask, what is the cost of good living?]

This week I caught up with vocalist Lisa of Fucked & Bound to talk all things Suffrage in it's upcoming release.

RR: How difficult was translating F&B ‘s live energy into a recording when working on the debut?

LM: I think I'm the only person who struggled with translating energy. Between having to break up vocal tracking into multiple sessions and feeling a little restrained inside the booth, there was a learning curve. You can't grab a Neumann U87 and thrash it around the way you would with a live mic, like an SM58. In the end, I think I found a way to mostly break through. There are many tricks I learned from this recording that I can't wait to apply to the next.  


RR: You’ve been described as “honest hardcore”. How would you describe F&B yourself and what is your biggest influence?

LM: "Honest hardcore", I like that. There's a tendency sometimes to over complicate genres or try to add extra complexities, but that's not as much a concern with Fucked & Bound. We've all been listening to tons of heavy genres over the years and this was a way to apply some of the fun things that we hadn't been able to with other projects. We get to thrash, be a little snarky, pull from more straight-ahead sources. Some current favorites are Trap Them, OFF, Death Index, Cult Ritual, and Raspberry Bulbs. Then, you know, classics like Minor Threat, Black Flag, Discharge. We've been really into the Fucking Invincible records that Atomic Action Records put out. It's a great feeling to be label mates with bands that have inspire you as an artist. .

RR: When it comes to lyrics vs music can you explain how the process works for F&B and why it works?

LM: I try to keep it raw and honest, attaching those ideas to the songs wherein they feel most appropriate.

RR: There is something primal, ferocious and feminine about your presence both physically on stage (from performing topless and commanding crowds from within) and vocally through visceral roars. How important is it to you that the feminine be recognized or ignored on your music? Is it something you address lyrically or something you’d rather steer clear from lyrically and politically?

LM: I'm just trying to be myself, some people perceive that as masculine, some as feminine, and it varies. If I take my shirt off and scream, some people lean in, some back off. I'm not afraid to get personal. "Abuse of Registry" is a perfect example of that, relating directly to all those who have experienced trauma.

RR: Are there plans to tour off the back of the debut and when/where?

LM: Yes! We're booking our first tour now. There are a couple dates that we're still working on, but so far we have..

3/17 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
3/20 Portland, OR @ Fixin' To Bar
3/21 Chico, CA @ Naked Lounge
3/22 Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lagoon
3/23 Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull
3/24 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
3/25 San Diego, CA @ Space Bar
3/27 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Underground
3/28 Tucson, AZ @ TBA
3/29 Las Vegas, NV @ The Garth
3/30 Reno, NV @ Jub Jub's for Days of the Loud Fest
3/31 Redmond, OR @ DI Pizza

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Lisa Marie Mungo

Suffrage releases February 16, 2018 through Atomic Action Records

Recorded at Electric Wall in Seattle 
Engineered by Robert Cheek