Saturday, September 16, 2017


Introducing a new release of Lingerie Harnesses by Hopeless. A collaboration with John Hurley and Steph Cammarano. 
When we first introduced the Abbie and Olivia Harnesses to our store in 2012 the idea behind them was a reference to Abstraction in painting during the early 20th Century. Inspired by artists such as Picasso, Mondrian and Malevich who broke down forms into their simplest essence. And then removing all relation to form and exploring shape and colour unrelated to anything but the canvas. 
Since then the straps and lines have continued as an important feature of many of our collections. I have a fascination with how something so simple can be so transformative. How the lines take shape on different bodies, and how powerful such minimal lines can be no matter the figure they dress. 
"I feel a connection with most artists. My whole style was purely born out of "picking up the torch" if you will. I constantly think about how the artist before me would operate in the modern world. Who would they work with. How would they work with them. 

Art truly dies if you try to create something totally new. You have to pick up where they stopped and explore it even further. It has to evolve to the point that you lose control of it and when I die the next artist will pickup where I left off." - John Hurley
The most powerful art is often a reaction to what preceded it. Though there were a few movements between them, Abstract Expressionism both conflicts with and compliments many of the ideas of Abstraction. The gesture of the artist, rebellion and the subconscious are explored by artists such as Pollock, Gorky, Kline and Still. 
The gesture of the artist for me, feels like art in its purest form. This collaboration with John and Steph combines the ideas of Abstraction and Expressionism in the language of lingerie and the body.

As we make each order in our studio, we see the connection with the gesture of the artist in each piece we sew. Every style has a story behind it, ideas and history behind how it came to be. Each time we replicate the process for a new customer those ideas are carried forward.
In spite of their simplicity these straps all hold a lot of meaning. We believe that is why they are so transformative to wear. 

Photography: Steph Cammarano
Models: Dijok Mai & Bridie Coggan
Illustrations: John Hurley