Friday, November 18, 2016


32 pages of original writing, musings and prose by Renee Ruin
Cover features original artwork by artist Heather Gabel
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"Each poem of Wounds remains untitled, unnamed, but belonging, mirroring each colliding content of Wounds somber tones. Renee traps words in sweethearts, every word of the second poem in this persistent, penetrating voice that watches 'every street on your way home' and steals glances in your car window. A sign off 'Take care, sweetheart. Play fair, sweetheart.' called me back time and time again, 'Living different lives in empty beds.' resonating obsession to strength."


"A dark, visceral collection of poems and lyric prose — devoured in one sitting. Renee Ruin's writing is at once incredibly personal and incredibly relatable if you, too, think and love with a violent intensity. It's clear this is the kind of author that sees the act of writing as exorcism... Wounds is a wonderfully raw little grimoire."

"Something about Wounds is so profoundly personal, you can feel the blood drip from the pages. Writing it, and publishing it, was an act of sacrifice. What separates Wounds from any other poetry anthology is the fierce resistance of the tone and the blistering pain that jump at you from the pages, seeking an echo, launching into your heart and soul to find a kindred spirit. Wounds is the courage we never thought we had, to explore such raw emotions and expose them bare. It's no longer fearing fear itself. It's building strength on failure. It's building confidence on missed opportunities. The first read-through is difficult: it makes you look at who you were three, five, ten years ago, or even just yesterday, realising you are a full-fleshed human with its own set of shortcomings, its own experience of unrequited love and abandon..."