Thursday, November 3, 2016


The moon has become a dancer
at this festival of love.
This dance of light,

This sacred blessing,
This divine love,
beckons us
to a world beyond
only lovers can see
with their eyes of fiery passion.

(The Privileged Lovers, Rumi)

MANIAMANIA’s new Fine Jewellery collection SACRED is inspired by the resplendent galaxy of ancient poet saints and mystics of India and Persia, who’s words transcend time and faith on their topics of love, truth and devotion. Their texts, written in the 13th and 14th centuries, are rich tapestries and revelations that have long since inspired seekers of love. Many classify these poets such as Rumi, Kabir, Mirabai, and Hafiz under the ‘Bhakti moment’, a path of passion and devotion that focusses on oneness with each other and nature, and connection to the heart. Jalal ad-Din Rumi - who instead of giving lectures, would spin around in a dance singing out his love-praises in verse - is perhaps the main influence for this collection. It is the free, ecstatic and truthful state and the devotion depicted in his poetry that inspired this new collection of rings, earrings and pendants from Maniamania Fine.

Maniamania introduces a soft Green Sapphire and Peach Tourmaline to join their current signature range of diamond and gemstone options, along with an elegant Baguette-cut to sit alongside the signature Rose-cut kaleidoscopic stone cuts. The collection introduces three new engagement styles with the Radiance, Beloved and Devotion rings, embodying a modern femininity with delicate detailing and fine setting. This pieces are designed to fit perfectly with the pavé diamond ‘Unity’ ring, a nesting wedding band to complete each bridal set.

A selection of fine stacking bands, such as the ‘llumination’ and ‘Immersion’ rings are set with a mix of delicately sliced baguette-cut gemstones and pavé diamonds.

Earrings are modern classics, with fine chains piercing through traditional baguette shapes, and tiny teardrops are highlighted with soft pinks, greens and ombre trails of grey rustic rose-cut diamonds.

In true Maniamania style, there is also a focus on Birthstones and symbology. Interchangeable and customizable with each customer’s birth stone or stone of meaning. These ‘MYSTIC’ pieces, with a ‘gypsy’ style setting, feature a fine hand carved detail of a star, inspired by Rumi’s poem “ We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust”. The designers’ have also edited a collection of symbols for engraving inside each ring to create a personal language of love for each person, a heiroglyphic promise or a cryptic prose, immortalised in metal.

To complete the bridal set this season is a men’s wedding band, beautifully hand fashioned in 14k white or yellow gold, this is a classic and timeless choice for the Maniamania man.

As announced earlier this year, Maniamania’s fine collection is also fully customizable with its ‘Bespoke Service’. In special consultation with our designers, each style may be interchanged with stones of the clients choice as may the metal quality of the band be adjusted to rose gold or even platinum.