Wednesday, October 5, 2016

EVENT : YNH x Rebecca Cleal - An Exhibition of Screenprinted Photography

You’re Not Human will present a unique
exhibition featuring a series of new works by
photographer and print-maker Rebecca Cleal on
Saturday 8th October at The Old Coroners Court,
Bristol, 7-10pm.

The culmination of a 3 year collaborative
relationship between Rebecca Cleal & You’re Not
Human, this exhibition of screen printed
photography celebrates the darker side of
Bristol’s music scene.

Whilst You’re Not Human are well known for their
heavy and uncompromising contribution to the
live music landscape of Bristol, it’s Rebecca’s
photographic documentation of the events that
has given a distinct sense of shape and presence
to the scene outside the performances

The exhibition will serve as both a reflection
upon and celebration of the music scene itself.
Presented against a backdrop of noise (Silver
Waves) will be 14 new editions, each image
carefully selected from Rebecca’s canon of work
and reproduced using screen print techniques
developed over the past two years at the artist’s
print studio.

This is the first exhibition to arise from the
collaboration between Rebecca and You’re Not
Human, and is set to be an event that ties
together art, music, and performance
documentation in a resounding new way.
Rebecca Cleal is a photographer and print-maker,
her work focusing largely on music photography
and video, and more recently on the underground
music scene in Bristol. Rebecca's photographs
have featured on magazine and album covers, as
well as music websites and blogs, and she is
regularly commissioned for her press and
photo-documentary work.

As print-maker, Rebecca works predominantly in
screen print, developing new works and
techniques at her 11 year running print studio,
White Duck Screen Print.

Screen prints will be available to buy in strictly
limited editions at the show on the 8th, and
online from October 10th.
Editions measure 50cm x 70cm, and will be
priced at £125 unframed.
All editions will be signed, numbered, stamped,
and blind-embossed by the artist.

A 70 page book by Rebecca Cleal will also be
available at the event. Carefully curated to
accompany the show, this book will contain 32
double-page photographs that Rebecca has
captured at You’re Not Human shows.
The book is published by White Duck Editions,
will be available in a first edition of 100, and
priced at £15.
Pre-orders for the book can be made at


Also, noise from...

Silver Waves (Howling Owl / Portals Editions)

The Old Coroners Court and Morgue, Bristol
Backfields, Stokes Croft
Saturday October 8th 2016
7pm - 10pm

Free Entry

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