Monday, September 5, 2016

Forbidden Colors Presents "A STRANGE DAY FESTIVAL"

"A Strange Day" is being curated by Portland-based booking agency Forbidden Colors, who in the past year have brought Clan of Xymox, Chameleons Vox, Sad Lovers & Giants and Modern English to the United States. 



Anyone who witnessed their awe-inspiring gigs on last year's "Script of the Bridge" tour will attest to the sheer power of Mark Burgess joined by Yves Altana, Neil Dwerryhouse and Chris Oliver. We welcome the band back to the Northwest to headline the festival as their area-exclusive show which means NO Portland, Seattle or Vancouver dates.

Soft Kill

Haunted by the ghosts of The Cure, Killing Joke and Joy Division, Soft Kill's sound is full of skittering single-note guitar runs, propulsive dirges and melodic art damage. Portland Oregon’s Soft Kill will be releasing their third full length album Choke on Profound Lore Records. In 2010 they released one of the most highly regarded post punk albums of the last ten years An Open Door. Founding member Tobias Sinclair joins Conrad Vollmer (Warm Hands) on guitar, drummer Maximillion Avalon (Chromatics, Antioch Arrow, Get Hustle) and Owen Glendower on synths. The eight song suite Choke comes on the heels of 2015’s sophomore effort Heresy a much more claustrophobic and oppressive album than An Open Door. 

Have A Nice Life

HANL are a Connecticut-based post punk band who've been releasing their beloved home recordings via their own Enemies List imprint since 2008. This is a rare live performance for them, their first in many years and only West Coast appearance. It is the brainchild of Tim Macuga, black metal experimentalist in Nahvalr and songwriter for the classic Western Massachusetts hardcore band The Danger Strangers, and Dan Barrett, of the ghost music project Giles Corey and the now-defunct In Pieces.
HANL released their first full-length record in January of 2008, a double album titled "Deathconsciousness". The two discs (titled "The Plow that Broke the Plains" and "The Future", respectively) feature music spanning over five years of collaboration between the two artists, and are accompanied by a 75-page booklet on medieval Italian heretics in lieu of liner notes. The album was entirely self-released, right down to the hand-painted discs, and put out via the Enemies List Home Recordings label. Their second release, an EP titled "Time of Land", is available for free as a digital download in 2010. In January of 2014, Have a Nice Life released their follow-up LP to Deathconsciousness, titled "The Unnatural World".

Body of Light

Formed roughly 5 years ago in the wasted sands of Tempe, Arizona, electronic dance faction Body of Light have proven to be a teeming creative force within the present-day electronic landscape. From the archaic drones and abstract measurements of their earliest collections, to their prodigious cinematic pop ballads and darkwave compositions, the two brothers, Alex and Andrew Jarson, are no strangers when it comes to blurring the compositional lines that confine underground music. Having worked together and separately over the years within the folds of the co-founded Ascetic House collective, both Alex and Andrew have given life to a variety of projects such as Otro Mundo, Blue Krishna, Somali Extract, and Memorymann, whilst unveiling over a dozen visual, audio, and written works under a variety of monikers in a shortened period of time. Body of Light is simply another extension of that exercised method of immediate and natural experimentation.

All Your Sisters

All Your Sisters is the work of Jordan Morrison and Mario Armando Ruiz. Rooted in post-punk while possessing a contemporary perspective, AYS create brooding and aggressive atmospheres. Heavy rhythms propelled by drum machine and Ruiz' bass lend a perfect foundation for Morrison's haunting guitar and vocals.


The Arizona four-piece prefer to distance themselves from the current shoe gaze revival, there’s no doubt that UK indie music of the 80s has had an influence on the dream pop of “Losing My Charm”. The songs, are all tinkling guitar chords and the breathy and lilting vocals of MacAndrew Martin. The band recently released on underground iconic label Funeral Party Records.

& more TBA

Tickets are $35 and available HERE 

Capitol Theater - 206 5th Avenue Southeast, Olympia, WA 98501, United States