Wednesday, April 20, 2016

YNH Presents: The Poisoned Glass and Shaddah Tuum - Bristol

Yes, the music is unspeakably dark. Yes, it sounds like your soul in a trash compactor..
- The Obelisk @ Roadburn 2016

"After the demise of Burning Witch in 1998 and going their separate ways, Stuart Dahlquist and Edgy59 kept in touch, occasionally making overtures towards working together and knowing that they would when it felt natural. The Poisoned Glass started with the song ‘Silent Vigil’, a twelve-tone progression Dahlquist had originally intended as a tonal bass solo. After experimenting, he felt that the resulting sound was heavier, more despondent and unforgiving than any of his existing projects and sent the rough mix to Edgy, who understood immediately that this music represented perfectly both voices as a unit. It came naturally, as though it was meant to be, and with that, the duo formed, and set out to record as The Poisoned Glass.

The instrumentation is exclusively centered around bass guitar, organ, and voice – nothing more. In spite of seemingly limiting instrumentation The Poisoned Glass is far from minimalist; the atmosphere is bleak but so dense it is virtually without air. Dahlquist’s unison bass and organ is massive, building, evolving and expanding, punctuated by Edgy’s unbridled tenor and the irregular jarring of one or two note dissonant harmonies".

Enigmatic and moving, The Poisoned Glass will release their self titled LP on Ritual Productions in Spring of 2016"