Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DEBUT | Kristin Kontrol - "Show Me"

Kristin Kontrol's  DEBUT "X-Communicate" album releases 5/27/16

It's a solo bedroom disco ode to the 80s and all dressed up in a goth pop party dress... I was a huge fan of the somber shoegazing "Dum Dum Girls",  Kristin's previous band and whilst Kristin Control has a clear departure from the earlier sound, her voice is still unmistakable. A few tracks into the new album I found myself reminiscing of that film "A night on the town" (or "Adventures in Babysitting" and singing into your hairbrush around your bedroom. It's the kind of album you play while getting ready to go out for the night or something you listen to whilst driving alone at night mascara running down your face in your prettiest pink party dress a la Andie Walsh. 

It is a refreshing sound from Kristin and I'm looking forward to the new evolution. 

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