Sunday, March 6, 2016

Who's that Girl? | Kitty Noir

Age: 34

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Currently live: Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Day job (what pays the bills): Hair Artist 

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Sewing,Antiquing,Treasure Hunting, Modeling, Cat Loving


Hair School/Hair School 

© Brittany Juve 

What was growing up like for you? 

I lived out in the country where my closest neighbor lived 3 miles away. I attended a tiny Country school, graduated with a high school class of 20. Just one brother, raised in a lil brown single wide trailer home out on a passed down generational owned beautiful country side. Small town girl, wasn't a farmer or anything, Thank god cause I would totally suck at milking cows and collecting eggs. But I can for sure appreciate the little simple things in life. 

Do you see yourself as a Model?

Not really I guess, I love doing shoots, the art of photography is just a pleasure to be a part of. But when people say to me, "oh you should be a model" I hate to say "oh I actually am a model" I just accept the compliment and say Thanks!! I hate to be that girl that's in the sea of (every girl is a model these days) Yet it's something iIabsolutely love doing. 

When did you become involved in modeling and what do you love about it?

I started modeling more officially for biker calendars and local car shows, signing posters and representing a local tattoo artist/airbrush shop. Then getting hired to sit on people's freshly painted bikes for ads and whatnot. 

Of course it's fun to be a model, to work hard at a shoot and be able to get the proofs back, looking on the photos with a proud eye. The feeling of looking at the photos and not even feeling like "that's me?" in the pics, pulling on another persona for the certain look of the set. Its definitely a confidence booster.

When did you start getting into hair styling and what was the aim initially? 

Initially I was a clothing store manager, loved customer service and understanding how to treat the public with respect. After 8 years of that I wanted to be my own boss, more creative and not being owned by a cooperation. I then decided to go to hair school. I wanted to get into styling hair for runway fashion shows, then realized my favorite part was being one on one with my customers, behind the chair. Leading into close relationships and having the trust with special people in my life by keeping their hair awesome. Owning my own space and operating my business. 

© Brittany Juve 

How has the experience of social media brought positive experiences in to your life and what are some of your highlight moments? 

Social Media is such a great tool to reach the public. Either your selling a brand, or the brand your selling is You. Being on social media through MySpace days, at times I feel like a pro, ha. I guess the highlights of social media for me is truely just getting my work out there. Being recognized by Hair Company's that I respect and other Stylists and Influencers that I love. These are lil moments that make my week. People leaving sweet comments giving love to a hair photo, or on modeling photos means a lot. Meeting some of the raddest chicks on social media is definitely been a highlights as well. It's the little things that pushes me to get off my ass to post more interesting content. 

You are a modern retro girl with a spooky twist. What is it you love about vintage style and how did you redefine it in your own way?

Vintage style...where do I even start. Obviously I am a vintage clothing hoarder, pretty sure I have issues, ha. My favorite thing about antique/vintage clothing is there usually is only one of each out there these days. No one else is wearing it, so vintage is always extra special. I feel like my body type fits it well, it's easy to alter and manipulate the sizes to make fit. Redefining the style is fun for me, adding lace or leather crosses, shortening the hem, mixing it with spooky jewelry or makeup. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

It's basically 100% Bipolar. Pretty sure I just dress myself per daily mood. There will be a week I wear Black everyday, other days I wear pastels and bright colors. Then poof...dressin like your grandma...or grandpa. I have no boundaries or stereotypes around what my personal style is, of course it's all rooted from being a lil goth girl growing up. But everything I dig to sum it up is quite "Vintage Vamp Witchy" like if Bewitched and The Craft had a baby, that's me. 

What do you admire most in other women? 

I admire when other women are warm and kind and secure and original in their personal style. When they just do what makes them happy vs doing what Pinterest influences them to do/wear/make. Women that have personality and live free. 

Who is Kitty Noir?

Good question, I find this out more and more everyday. If it's a question of where did the nickname or title come from? Or really "who am I?" Not sure if there is enough space on your page. So I will answer both in a more simple fashion. KittyNoir- that name started back in my early 20s when I was a lil spooky raver girl, mixing records at party's. All my friends in the group I hung out in, we all had dj names. "DjKittyNoir" was born. Precious huh.

Who am I? Well I am an older version of the extremely carefree, crazy party girl I used to be. I still live in my own little world. But am more healthy, thoughtful/giving, making a heck of a lot smarter choices. 

You are a woman of many talents; be it hair, fashion, DIY or modelling. What excites you and keeps you passionate? 

I try to be a better me, than I was yesterday. I can somehow look at myself, stepping outside of my body knowing I can't be perfect, but I will sure try. How can I be a better colorist, stylist. Inspired by people that are killing it in the hair industry, I wanna be on that list. With modeling, I wanna be someone different each time, creating a certain feel or character. Pushing myself into things that make me uncomfortable. Facial expressions that give the viewer a deeper look into my soul. Figuring out how I can get eyes to see the art of my photos, without having to be naked is another struggle. Fashion is a huge part of my life so I still want that to be the focus of my work, with a mysterious face and shape underneath it. 

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I would say fashion from the past decades is my biggest inspiration. Models from the past, Movies from the past. Those are times when there was still original life happening. These days it's just a "copy of a copy" if we dig into the past there is much to be seen and enlightened by. I try not to get carried away with looking at my peers too much, scrolling through Instagram is one thing, but looking at other girls with green envy and self hating thoughts, just isn't healthy. I feel this is a huge disaster in our females today. Love yourself!

Are you a fashion brands girl or do you just wear what you like or whats comfortable?

I really enjoy quality. I don't care for shopping the cheapy fashion stores, those are all just throw away clothes. I tend to keep and wear the clothing I acquire for many decades. So it's gotta hold up. Fashion comes back around, and with my mad alternating skills I can change anything. The things I buy are either $400 boots or a $4 thrift store dress. That sums me up completely. The stuff in between is basically mall stores, which I don't normally get into. Name brands for Makeup...Always. You get what you pay for motto is 100% true. Clothing...I personally don't want some brand name shit plastered across my ass or chest. 

What are your top 5 fashion staples you cannot live without? 

Vintage Dolly looking dresses, Black oversized beanie hats, chunky Necklaces, Boots, and Vintage 60s Coats (thank god I live In a colder climate). My winter coat collection is obnoxious. 

Favorite places to shop? 

Thrift Stores, Vintage Shops, and EBay 

Who would you say is your style icon? 

Currently - Old lady Iris 

Tales of love & lust? 

Hmmm this could escalate quickly into too much info...with my past. I have done it all, let's say. Now that I am not in my terrible 20s, Older and Wiser, I am crazy in love and getting married next year. 

What is it that you love most about being a woman? 

Being able to be who I wanna be everyday. The costume changes! Makeup! All the girlie stuff in life. Although the flip side of it, I love dressing down too, having the freedom to be completely Androgynous. Be who you wanna be! Why must we push ourselves in a corner because the boring society tells us we should, fuck gender fashion traditions.

What do you find sexy and desirable about yourself and those around you?

This may be he hardest question on here, I would have to say for myself, my Personality, sad thing is, until you meet me in person, not just in photos, my friends and followers online will never truly see that side of me. I am super silly, yet I can talk up a serious Oprah convo for days. I can go with the flow very easy. 

Humble confidence and a sense of humor is the sexiest thing about anyone around me. People that are negative, guilt givers, drama prone, Sketchy....those types are straight Toxic. 

© Brittany Juve 

When no one is around what is Kitty usually doing?

Talking really dumb to my cats like they are my only friends. I talk to myself more than what is probably normal, sewing & altering old clothes, buying something on eBay I don't need. Or straight chilling with some dumb series that has me hooked. I actually LOVE being alone, I am for sure an Introvert personality. 

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans? 

There's only one YOU. Don't try to be someone else, it's already been done. Stop trying to please everyone, people will either like you or not, just the way you are. Be kind and thoughtful to one another. Think before you act or speak, everything you say and do can effect people more than you know. Be free from jealousy and anger, you will shine out of a crowd brighter than you even know you could. Looks fade, personality and heart is all you have in the end, love each other, you never know where your last moment lies.

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