Wednesday, February 17, 2016


By definition, the zenith is the highest point in the celestial sphere, a concept that set Meadowlark on a journey, daring to redefine elements of spirituality, culture and history through their jewellery.

The result is an exquisite contemporary fusion of precious metals punctuated with symbolism and magnetism. With three distinct design groups, Double Cross, Apex and Crescent, the Zenith collection has a strong focus on earrings, with most sold singularly, and strengthens a developing Meadowlark signature - the septum ring - with subtle, luxe hoop and beautifully fierce nose ring styles with pierced or non-pierced options.

Inspired by the Cross of Lorraine - a two-barred heraldic cross used throughout human history from the Middle Ages as a symbol of bravery and freedom, Double Cross features strong yet elegantly edgy shapes like the dramatic Double Cross Drop earring, which sits at the shoulder, and the Angled Long Bar earring that follows the shape of the ear - both set to be instant cult classics.

True to Meadowlark’s visionary aesthetic and international appeal, the Zenith campaign is fronted by legendary American supermodel Missy Rayder, who at 37 is the epitome of timeless beauty. Scouted in New York, Missy wowed the fashion world through the late 90s and early 00s (Steven Meisel famously convinced her to shave her eyebrows and head for a Marc Jacobs show) - a period Meadowlark harbour a not-so-secret passion for. Missy has never been out of fashion, consistently modelling for shows, editorials, campaigns and covers for more than two decades.

As with every piece of Meadowlark jewellery, Zenith is handcrafted to order in sterling silver, yellow, white or red gold, and stones can be selected to suit.

The Zenith collection by Meadowlark will be released from February 2016.

Model: Missy Radyder
Photographer: Joans Bresnan
Styled by: Bex Sheers
Makeup: ING Makeup
Hair: Cameron Jon