Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mad et Len for Fallow

"Mad et Len was born through a desire to create an ode to craft and art using pure essential oils and original elements from flower, wood and spice. Nestled in a small village in the South of France Mad et Len is about the revival of the deep soul of French craftsmanship perfumery – deliberately shunning consumerism, requiring much patience for each and every ingredient to be cultivated. The artisanal ‘Blacksmith Collection’ includes black metal hand crafted vessels housing uniquely fragrant candles poured by hand and shaped one by one..."

 We all know I am a fragrance addict so I jumped at the chance to try out some gorgeous new product from Fallow and their Mad et Len for Fallow Collection.  The new collection features amazing hand hammered vessels and black glass bottle reminiscent of old medical hospitals using artisan fragrances  developed by Mad et Len in the south of France. The entire collection boasts deep matte black packaging and simple strong labelling. The collection includes Pot Pourri, Room Fragrances,  Candles and unique Eau de Parfum. 

The Black Uduu Eau de perfume did not disappoint! The subtle leathery notes and amber give off a real ambience and texture without being too overpowering. The packaging is so minimal and luxurious. I adore that each eau de parfum comes with a fragrance dropper, it really adds to the overall aesthetic. This is not just perfume its a culmination of art and sensuality. 

My candle of choice was the Figure Noire. A real green and fruity, woodsy, milky, sandalwood like aroma. It's incredibly intoxicating and the milkiness kind of lingers in the air. The smell is long lasting but overpowering. This is a really sophisticated scent and definitely on my top 5 list!! 

The candles come in scents; Figue Noire, Tarmac, Petits Papiers, Turpentine and Terre Noire. 

The Eau de parfum comes in 13 different scents; Ecorce, Humus, Asphalte, Terre Noire, Graphite, Black Mystic, Ambre Decadent, Black Afghan, Black Uduu, Paname, Petits Papiers, Ciur and Magnum Opus. 

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